Get out Your Bicycle for Fun and Exercise

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    ethernetgoldmineposted 7 years ago

    Get out Your Bicycle for Fun and Exercise

    There certainly are a lot of different ways that we can get exercise in order to lose weight and a stay in shape.  How many times have you owned a gym membership only to allow it to expire without ever really taking advantage of it.  Believe me, you would be surprised with the number of people who have done the exact same thing, several times over.  The simple fact of the matter is that you don't need to go to the gym in order to get in shape and to lose some weight.  As a matter of fact, you probably have something sitting in your garage that is perfect for helping you to lose the weight that you desire.

    How long has it been since you have had your bicycle out for a ride?  You would probably be surprised with exactly how effective bicycling is to bring your health back into line.  More than likely, you're going to have to pull your bike out of the garage and take it to have it repaired, especially if it has been quite some time since it has seen the light of day.  Typically, making sure that the tires and the brakes work well will be enough for you to get started with this amazing activity.

    You are going to need to make sure that you do not get uncomfortable whenever you are out on a bike ride.  After all, doing an activity that you are unfamiliar with can make you sore in a number of different ways.  This is especially the case when it comes to bicycling and the parts of your body that are going to be used during this activity.  Usually, people end up enjoying riding their bikes so much that they tend to forget that they are out of shape.  This can cause problems so you need to make sure that you work your way into the long bike rides gradually.

    Don't ignore your body but make sure that you push yourself to a certain extent so that you get the maximum amount of exercise as possible.  The great part about doing this activity is that many of us enjoy it so much that the time passes quickly and we don't even realize that we are exercising.  Don't let that fool you, however, the exercise that you get while riding your bike will go a long way in helping you to look better in the mirror.

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    freecampingaussieposted 7 years ago

    I use my bike every day , love riding & I have an older one with big wheels so it is fast !I have ridden a lot since I was 10 and got my girls riding as well.

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    5StarStrongposted 7 years ago

    Bike riding is an excellent choice for cardiovascular fitness. Its very low impact on the joints so you're able to do it without beating up your knees like you would with running.

    Trail riding is a lot of fun too. I love doing 20 mile bike rides on trails and just observing the trees, the river, flowers. It gives your workout a little extra when you're able to take in nature as well.