Mirapex and the addictions it can lead to

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    mary_schillingposted 7 years ago

    My name is Mary and I have just recently found out that my very sudden gambling addiction was due to the drug I take for RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - MIRAPEX.  I was never interested in gambling in my 56 years of life until I started taking Mirapex on October 2, 2009.  A month later I signed up for OLG at my local casino in Gananoque and over the next 10 months managed to lose over $60,000 risking my marriage, my financial well being and comitting some illegal acts just to get my next fix at the casino.  I am a person who normally does not have compulsive behaviours and when I thought I had hit rock bottom I sought help via of councelling.  In talking with my councellor she asked me what medications I was on and when I mentioned Mirapex she told me that has been known to lead to gambling addiction as well as other addictions.  I immediately went to my doctor and starting weaning off this drug and I am in my 8th day of riding my body of this evil drug - I am so happy to say that my desire to gamble has decreased significantly and by the grace of God I may escape this nightmare of addition.  If you know of anyone taking Mirapex for Parkinson's disease of Restless Syndrome please let then know that the compulsive problems they may be having is due to this drug.  There is a class action lawsuit out of Toronto for anyone sho has suffered through this.