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Hi everyone. Why are all my "mentally ill" neighbors clash w/ me??

  1. schoolgirlforreal profile image84
    schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years ago

    OK. Let me describe this.
    A bunch of us "mentally ill" people were given apts out here in the boonies , most of us far from our friends etc.

    Out of the 4 I know...

    1)I'll call her Sally- is a complete loner. Smokes heavy, her cat attacks me till I bleed, She doesn't talk. I stopped seeing her. I'm secretly pissed she never calls.

    2)I'll call her Allie- she is constantly w/ her boyfriend. She never was easy to get a hold of. At my Christmas party last year she stopped in for 1/2 min. And she doesn't like me because she thinks I"m too honest.

    3) I'll call her Tammy- I haven't seen her much. She had a live in boyfriend who looked feminine and wore pink. I talked to her in my apt about 4-6 mo ago. She sounded like she was 'off the wall' and landed in the hosp for months. I saw her in the hall, she said after I asked her where she'd been, "I've been hiding"
    Then last week she said "No, I'm not hiding anymore, I've been really busy"

    4)There is a guy I'll call him Josh- he was nice but he stays in alot when depressed and doenst want company from anyone. I felt nervous around him, I don't know why. He recently said he has bad social anxiety.

    Now some others

    a) a nice guy who walks his dog, but never makes an effort to talk to me unless we run into each other. He's physically disabled not mentally apparetnly. I like him. He is my bf's age about. But maybe I should knock on his door?

    b)There was a get together of "the mentallly ill people here" by staff. I met 2 girls who snubbed me and that's about it. they come from $ I guess.

    c) There's a weird lady on the 1st floor. She talks to everyone but is weird. Talks about how if she falls on ice she will sue. I can't get thru to her..

    So, this is really unusual, I thought. I mean, I'm a nice person and I have freinds from my home area/town. And tons of acquaintance there. So, I'm here. And all these people "like me" I can't seen to be friends w/.

    When I say this is unusual, when I went to the clubhouse for disabled people (depression/etc).....I made lots of friends easily. (WHY can't some of these be the same?)

    The people at this clubhouse are friendly and easy to talk to and humble.....They don't have cars and those who do, it's far to drive here.

    Is this weird or what?
    I hate the place but I love my apt. I can't move until....well long story.

    1. Jaggedfrost profile image79
      Jaggedfrostposted 7 years ago

      insanity is a lonely place and one who has troubles but is awake will often find themselves apart from those who are willfully asleep.  Insanity is a warm haven for the mind in pain.  No one comes in until they want you to.

      1. schoolgirlforreal profile image84
        schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        thanx for commenting Jagged.
        It's tough, I'm making about 2 friends who live a few miles away.

    2. profile image53
      ewhiskey50posted 7 years ago

      That sounds like my job, sometime good people has to supress their feeling just to get along with others, I am a peacemaker a believer in God, it hard sometimes, I believe it all comes from a small frame of mind. I love this information.

      1. schoolgirlforreal profile image84
        schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        thanx. feel free to elaborate more.
        yes, I suppose with others we sometimes have to suppress our feelings, I used to alot, though now I feel a litte more comfortable with myself and I've been making conversations easily w/ strangers....................and f*** the nasty negative people [scuse my language smile] you get the idea!

    3. paradigmsearch profile image92
      paradigmsearchposted 7 years ago

      "One of the most important lessons a person can learn in life is that other people are as real behind their eyes as you are behind yours."

      The above is a quote from my profile page.

      What it means (among other things) is that all the folks you mentioned are as wrapped up in their worlds as the rest of us are wrapped up in ours.

      Don't worry about it. smile

      When common areas of interest are discovered, friendly interaction will follow.

      1. schoolgirlforreal profile image84
        schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I understand, but I'm trying to meet people smile

    4. aware profile image70
      awareposted 7 years ago

      are you mentally ill?

      1. schoolgirlforreal profile image84
        schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Well it's hard to say. I'm diagnosed bipolar but many people believe labels are wrong and so are meds.

        I don't think of myself as mentally ill.
        I just have some issues like everyone else.
        thing is , it's quick and easy to say, to explain this situation...........................

        1. skipper112 profile image61
          skipper112posted 7 years agoin reply to this

          G'day schoolgirlforreal I'm also disabled, sometimes I think the only people that understand me, as other people with disabilities. I guess I'm lucky my friends do not treat me as different, like at my grand daughters Batisum last week I was just standing up, them my legs gave way and I fell flat on my back, this happens a lot my legs decide not to hold me up. Plus I have verry bad ballence from a major head injury, but the 2 to-gether and walking can be bad news. If you want a friend I'm hear for you anytime. I started Sailing for disabled people, I love sailing so much now I want to be the oldest disabled sailor to sail around the world alone single handed, if I raise the money I will do it too. Yes I have issues sometimes I get so depressed I just want to curl up and let the world pass me by. Sometimes I think the only person that understands me is me. Hon I have taked falling down to a new level almost a art form, and it makes me feel so depressed, but I just get up and start again. I remember that we are all Gods children, I fall a lot down stairs, on to the floor in fact I can fall anywere, but thanks to God I do not break any bones.Hey if you need a friend I'm hear for you, I'll give you my e-mail add aussie_male20002000@yahoo.com  you can call me anytime, chat about anything, no need to be lonely ok. best wishes Wazza

          1. schoolgirlforreal profile image84
            schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years agoin reply to this