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    risa hamfryposted 6 years ago

    In recent years, there's inevitable use of plastics for various household requirements, such as the use of plastic in various models of food storage container. Among some kinds of food storage container, plastic food storage container is one of those mostly chosen. In addition to their relatively low price, the plastic food storage containers have many other advantages as compared to the food storage containers of other materials made of such as glass, aluminum, and sterofoam. 
    One of the advantages of plastic food storage container I like is their varying color. Unlike glass or any other materials, the plastic food storage containers have more varying colors. Thanks to these colors, we can label the content based on their color. For example, green for storing vegetables while yellow for storing fruits.
    The most important thing is their advantage in keeping foods fresh in a certain period of time. Plastic food storage containers of elastic but strong materials can cover foods so tightly that the foods will not be easily exposed to the outside air. This of course can prevent the foods from quickly getting spoiled. This advantage makes foods entirely edible without being wasted a bit, one thing frequently leading us to guilty feeling out of it.
    The plastic food storage containers are very light in weight, thus storing food supplies upon traveling will not be troublesome. Storing dry and wet foods into a good plastic food storage container makes the foods hardly spilled out upon bringing along, whereas the dry foods will remain crispy upon eating at the destination.
    Besides being usable for storing foods, the plastic food storage containers are also usable for storing water, juice or fruit ice. By storing water in a plastic container, we don�t have to worry that the container will be broken if a little child drops it down when he/she will get the drink himself/herself from a refrigerator.
    There are some points to ponder when buying a plastic food storage container. Among of them is choosing a food storage container of plastic material safe to be used for storing food or beverage. Good plastic food storage containers will not contaminate foods or beverages stored in it. Usually, this kind of plastic food storage containers has a food grade mark on it.
    Choose a plastic food storage container safe to be used in a microwave, freezer or dishwasher. Buying environmentally-friendly food storage containers is a wise decision. So, buy food storage containers which are recyclable so that the containers will not contaminate the environs.
    Here are some tips in choosing food storage containers made of plastics according to Ir. Wawas S., from Polymer Technology Center of BPPT, as follows:
    * Think about the price. If the price is low and unreasonable then the security of using the product may be questionable.
    * Smell the odor. If we smell certain aroma in it, such as that of synthetic perfume or unpleasant odor, the manufacturing process must certainly be incomplete.
    * Upon washing, the product made of plastics will usually get foamed greatly and hard to clean. This is due to the incomplete manufacturing process, so that the plastic cavity is uncompleted and not tightly closed.
    * Be careful in reading the symbol of products safe to be eaten.
    In conclusion, hopefully we'll find this information helpful in choosing any food containers for our health.