(FNPA)Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association... Why we need them!

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    illfate18posted 7 years ago

    The FNPA, with support from our lawyers, lobbyist and the AANP, rewrote the naturopathic bill from scratch in 2006 removing antiquated language and creating a strong position for NDs in Florida." This new bill allows the FNPA to lead legislative efforts and ensure that the safety and standards are in place to protect Floridians from unsafe health care practices.

    It is no surprise to many American's that conventional medicine is failing the general concensus. Up until 2010 the last (NMD)Naturopathic medical doctor retired and died, who held the only grand-fathered right to practice in the state of Floria. What does this mean? As of today there are 14 states that recognize NMD's and their practice; Florida isn't one of them!Naturopathic Medicine is a primary healthcare system that treats acute and chronic illnesses holistically and provides preventative treatment by using natural therapies. It addresses the source of illness and promotes the body’s own natural healing abilities.

    Naturopathic Medicine is safe and effective. One study showed that homeopathy is more effective than antibiotics in treating ear infections, safer for the children and prevents further occurrences. Naturopathic medicine is also cost effective. The VADA Wellness Program demonstrated a $1.5 million annual savings in health care cost by providing access to Naturopathic Medicine. It is non-evasive way of treatment that works for millions every year. We need NMD's in Florida!!!