Treating Phimosis at Home

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    phimosistreatmentposted 7 years ago

    The issue of Phimosis is where there's an inability to retract the foreskin over the glans (head) of the penis. Paraphimosis is the entrapment of the retracted foreskin below the head of your penis.

    In the greater part of cases the tight foreskins which cause the above conditions could be loosened sufficiently after a couple of weeks of persistent foreskin stretching. Eventually this stretching process will encourage the development of new skin cells, that will permit normal retraction. This phimosis treatment is essentially the most practical and logical initial step to coping with the condition.

    1. Ridged band stretch
    Insert the ends of two fingers in the inner sides of the foreskin opening and begin to pull them gently apart. Gently apply as much tension to ensure the stretch feels mildly uncomfortable yet not painful. Hold in this particular position for 30 to 60 seconds, then relax for some seconds before repeating. Keep this up (no pun intended) for about fifteen minutes and undertake it two times a day. Ideally do this after soaking in a warm bath.

    After being performed persistently this exercise will assist to avoid Paraphimosis that is where the retracted foreskin gets trapped below the glans of your penis which may be both painful and distressing.
    Should this happen make an effort to ease the foreskin forward but when after several attempts you don’t find a way to bring the foreskin back over the glans then seek medical help.

    2. The withdraw stretch:If the foreskin is very tight and inserting two fingers in the opening is just not yet feasible then the easiest first approach would be to simply withdraw on the skin at the shaft of your penis so the foreskin opening feels tight but again without pain. Retain the stretched position for a couple of minutes and then relax. Again continue doing this process for 15 minutes once or twice each day. Using this method is more effective and easier if performed with an erection.

    Following persistent stretching over a couple of weeks the opening will get bigger and arrive to the point where it could almost fit over the rim of your penis glans when erect. At this juncture make sure to avoid trapping the foreskin behind the glans (Paraphimosis) when it becomes loose enough to happen but tight enough to be hard to bring forward again. Instead begin working onthe first ridge band exercise described above.

    In both of the above approaches if your foreskin opening becomes sore or small splits develop you'll want to stop and let things heal.

    You may notice that since you progressively expose more of the glans (the head) of the penis it is super sensitive as well as painful to the touch. Gradually this over sensitivity will subside as you continue your exercises. Try gently exposing the glans to the flowing water of the tap or perhaps the spray from the shower to lower sensitivity. Should you continue slowly using this process it is actually highly likely you will observe results after a couple of weeks, stop prematurely however and most likely things will just firm up again.
    You will also be able to ask your doctor to prescribe Betamethasone 1% ointment. A small amount of this ointment can be applied to the tight part of the foreskin. It'll accelerate the stretching process but won’t do anything whatsoever on it's own, without stretching. Stretching will still work without the ointment, just slower.


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