Am I SO important that health professional/s might try to commit me?

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    days leaperposted 6 years ago

    Look at it this way, or write your own perspectives etc.
       Here goes:
    I consider myself a genius, despite my lack of experiences.  And though an aptitude test showed really good results on nearly everything except maths which surprising wasn't too bad.  And the only rubbish score was the test to working with hands.  Done a couple of decades ago as a late teenager. -
        - I went on in later years, after brief time in psychotherapy for, as family put it to the GP.  "Anger issues".  My mothers was worse, my Aunt likes winding people up -when she feels safe!  Lets face it, the woman loves Coronation Street!  (UK. Soap, TV.)  Grandma didn't help because she always took her side, never kept out of it -which would've been something at least!  Idolised the pervert that was sexually abusive -despite his touching her (etc.) up; memories of being really young because my dotty mother asked this perv. to "teach him about sex" -not waiting until about age 11 or 12 when i was changing school, but apparently at about 3 when mum and dad divorced (though i must check this with her -it could've been 8 which would prove the abuser was lying).
    The Aunt took sides with the neighbours, and i suspect encouraged one to pick on me. By saying her arguments with me, and taking what Id said to these "care givers" what I was saying when hoping for support!  And adding "I hope none of this will reflect back to me!"  I think he said no, his eyes like a wolf about to steal a dogs dinner!!!! (she was quite a sexual woman and took the abusers side trying to say i was a lyer!  Things got so bad, and she got so nasty so regularly that I felt there was no alternative but to involve the police.  Who said he'd admitted it; though due to "Aunt-Agony" (the opposite of an 'agony aunt'!) was so convicted in her trouble making years.  The only thing forcing me to have anything to do with her is the thought of further blame/negativity as a result of dividing the family.  Esp. because abusers wife suffered MS.  This merely provided him with a smoke screen that he was 'all caring'.  I wasn't physically attacked as I was too scared, and not able to communicate properly if at all.  I did try to say "I don't like him" and "don't want to go" on these holidays but was met with a bellowing mother' "OF COURSE YOU DO!!!" This rang in my ears, and neighbours tended to listen to Grandma and then repeat what she was saying to me, every-one in ear shot her blind assumption "you like your uncle ... don't you"  as a kid of course i did, but didn't like what he was doing privately in rugby baths after athletics, they were programmed/pursuaded to go to bed early or got tired quicker.  It all somehow seems very convenient nows but Grandma was strangely, extremely niave and out of date with the world since her childhood or there abouts.  And it wasn't done to argue with her.  I'd get ignored, then get cross esp. at her decided which "friends" i saw, which were actually bullies who had no genuine interests in me whatsoever, and all we really had in common was football.  Then they started causing trouble with neighbours -even with this, and looking back seemed more interested at blasting the ball full power over the road at neighbours I was formerly able to get on with!
       Which got me blamed for many more things than were my fault, and other neighbours became disinterested at my genuine need to play football.  Though was bullied, talked out of playing at school, they had a friend unbenown to me...  And others would say if i played for the school despite being the only seriously valid keeper that might have otherwise.  Some-one said "even if you win 10-1 you'll still get battered for letting that one goal in."  he claimed passion for the school but never went to any game or anything that i know of!  (I cry BS!)
        If any blame comes to me it is because I tended, in class when the teachers went out -And why they would do this is debatable-  I seemed to give my opinion without it being wanted.  Though often comments were about me that no-one would want.  So called 'fights' were picked by those twice the size etc.  As is commonly the case among cowards when they learn those of more equal size sometimes got one back if it wasn't pointed out to target that this behaviour would happen.  To reiterate, bullied under durress of more bullying, which in my niave state often seemed -looking back- to have been manipulated for anyway.  Due to the free for all anarchy caused by the absent teacher -And they wonder why kids get guns and go round shooting people, and why theres an upsurge of knife crime!  It's easier to join such clubs than you might think and once you're in there's no looking back.  Thankfully I got counselling long before drugs seemed the only way out!  And so have that missing ingredient that makes a lot of difference.  A Good Counsellor is more beneficial than a good, genuine -ie. unpaid and loyal friend.  Not least because the former is out of the situation and unlikely to be concerned with how it will look on them in that group/s the client is in.
      On my plus side I've been able to do a lot of work to work things out.  I fear deterioration if this opportunity is taken as one needs leisure time as well, say I got well, and the dss demanded I seek work and all the penalties that go with it...  What then of my dreams to be a professional writer, or psychologist myself???
    Needless to say if I got that far before some-one decides it's all too much to hear -And I've barely touched a fraction of it.-  While taking away my own surprising cognitive capacity, abilities to help myself with those horrible tablets many of those who don't have to take them or see everything that goes on in normal circumstances happen to swear by. ...

    I now await your comments and own accounts of experiences etc. 
    When I say I was picked on by a crime syndicate, due to being at a place that i found less compatible with my sensibilities than at place/s I've been elsewhere.  And there were suddenly lots of questionable incidents that there has never been before; and in very high/regular quantities.  Including a car being driven at me.  Then high interest from nurses at that rogue unit... "Well he's upset about something" and there trying, failing to find out what!!! -because I'd found out reliably what they have been saying to each other!  Since finding my faith 'friends were easier to come by.  A lucky coincidence as now it's not so much.

    Bear in mind with all comments I have to question peoples motives for submitting them. 
    (30% of final grade!  Psychological Philosophy Phd. -Graduates welcome!)