Change is necessary

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    seatyedposted 6 years ago

    To be healthy (if one has cancer) you need to have a completely different pattern of life. Most people can visualise a healthy living pattern. Diet is extremely important especially so today. But the biggest change that is needed in the existing pattern, is on the emotional level. People heal cancer (usually accidental) when they make a decision (totally with their whole mind and body) and the decision is in 2 parts.
    1. They finally know that their life is no longer viable, that is, that if they keep the pattern of their existance, then they will die. So the person is in limbo for for there is a constant choice and it is death or life, if they are equal then there is only death.
    2.The only way to survive is to have a differnet 'Life'. Once there is a different Life, then the mind will choose life rather then death. This new life though is a completely different pattern. The main part of it is, is a different identification.

    When we identify with the old pattern, we think this is who I am, The 'this' is our self worth and image, our values, our behaviour, our emotions, our beliefs, our perceptions. We are not these things, these are the pattern and instructions that create our experience. This is the great resistance to healing. Transform the pattern and you heal automatically and the cancer cells revert to normal cells.
    There is no guilt implied, the life pattern one has, is a result of the environment one has grown up in and includes all the lessons and meanings one has picked up, absorbed and been taught in early childhood. The pattern then is blueprint that we follow unconsciously. The cancer sufferer has done nothing wrong. the cancer is a result/reaction to the pattern. If we take responsibility for our pattern (once again there is no guilt or blame, these are totally unnecessary emotions) then we can take responsibility for our healing. Only we can heal ourselves. What prevents healing is the old pattern it is imperative that this becomes invalid for once the unconscious mind deems the old pattern invalid, then it will stop operating. Anyone can heal themself and be healthy. You wouldn't expect a heavy smoker to want to cure cancer and still be a heavy smoker. He would need to change and be a non smoker (which is different to a smoker who can't smoke). Survivors regardless of the approach they took, report that their life has more meaning and purpose and that their values changed. This is a changed pattern, if we change the pattern first,deliberately, then there will be many more healed.
    PS. People resist change. Being healthy and cancer free is a dramatic change from being a cancer sufferer.