A poem about the suicide of my father

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    Freshink1posted 6 years ago

    Shadows of Pain  by Leah Werner

    Hollowed eyes and tortured soul

    Spitting words that didn't flow

    Forcing smiles that always faded

    His memories fond, distorted and jaded

    Ups and downs, half smiles and frowns

    His mind was spinning round and round

    A heart bigger than a sunrise sky

    So numbed he left and didn't say goodbye

    The darkness seized him, held him tight

    Squeezed so hard life became a fight

    A fight to eat, a fight to breathe

    Hatred flowed and emotions seethed

    He never forgot and never forgave

    The angst inside him dug his early grave

    Handsome groom, number one dad

    The best friend I truly ever had

    Woke up one day not feeling well

    Couldn't take this life in hell

    Began his journey to what comes after

    Mom comes home, finds him hanging from a rafter

    Terror sets in and shock takes over

    In a blink of an eye their marriage was over

    Two nightmarish calls, one to each daughter

    Cries and screams like lambs at the slaughter

    And so we march on, soldiers in a state of shock

    Thinking it's him, every phonecall and knock

    Now, I hope, his tortured soul's at peace

    But we, the survivors, are haunted with memories and grief

    Does the cycle continue - depression and shame

    Will I follow my father through the shadows of pain?

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      seamistposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I can hear the pain in your poem. I am so sorry about your loss.