10 fitness tips

  1. Gilroye profile image59
    Gilroyeposted 5 years ago

    All time best and most effective fitness tips are...
    1: Work out regularly!
    2: Combine the exercisesusted.
    3: Try new exercises to avoid routine.
    4: Adapt to your environment!
    5: Have a balanced diet!
    6: Ask for help!
    7: Create a healthy environment around you
    8: Stay close to people who are motivated.
    9: Keep moving!
    10: Remember that fitness is a step to a healthier lifestyle!

  2. Trsmd profile image60
    Trsmdposted 5 years ago

    If you are lazy to do the above things...think a while as if you are admitted in a hospital, that itself will motivate you a lot...