As a disabled person have you every been dicriminated against? Describ

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    DisabledHeartposted 6 years ago

    I have had people run so far in front of me so they would not have to hold the door for me. I was at the mall and a group of kids were making fun of this mentally disabled boy. They kept hassling him. All he wanted was to get a Subway sandwich.I said excuse me just leave him alone. You should be ashamed if your parents knew about this they would be disgraced. I chased them away and consoled the boy. I told him do not let that effect you they do not know how special you are. And he smiled. Have you every experienced that.

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    The Writers Dogposted 6 years ago

    I suffer from an incurable genetic condition diagnosed in one in forty thousand Australians. As a result, I presently have two inoperable tumours on the nerves that control facial movement. I also suffer from sudden loss of the use of my right arm. The condition is also costing me my hearing.

    I have been discriminated against by Centrelink (Australia's Social Security) who do not consider my condition serious enough to give me a disability pension despite the fact I cannot work because of it.

    The National Hearing Centre (Government run) agree with two private audiologists that my hearing loss is such that I require hearing aids in both ears. They then told me that I am not deaf enough for financial assistance to buy the $7,000AU aids that I cannot afford on unemployment.