The Energy Enhancement Ancient and Effective Meditation Techniques.

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    johnscott00posted 5 years ago
    The meditation walk is a method that synchronizes your breathing with the number of steps you take while walking. Begin walking. Step, step, step, step….Once you have set the pace (up to you), begin breathing in coordination with your walking. For instance, you could inhale during two of your steps, hold your breath for the third, exhale for the next two steps, leave your breath exhaled for the next step, then repeat immediately (inhale for two steps, etc.).

    The Energy Enhancement Ancient and Effective Meditation Techniques and Old Meditation Systems?

    A Synthesis of Ancient and Effective Meditation techniques is now the most advanced and speedy way to Enlightenment on this planet. Single systems traditionally fail.

    Over the years many people have got stuck on meditational systems which are old fashioned, limited in their nature, emotionally controlled by the top brass, and emotionally stuck to by their practitioners in the face of no results.

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    knolyourselfposted 5 years ago

    I have been using it for forty years. I also use it as an alternative to Tai Chi. But also there are any number of other meditative techniques. But mainly to my experience, meditation should be a mix of random thought and concentration, and wherein when walking random is introduced externally.