Help for a family of a Cancer Patient.

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    GinaCPocanposted 5 years ago

    Not much is ever written about Testicular Cancer. But it's googable. It's pretty mysterious. A lot like ovarian cancer, except men don't usually know until it's too late.
    I have a dear friend in Pennsylvania with a son and a little girl. They have a house in the country, tucked away in the mountains. Her husband was rushed into surgery one day for what they thought was a hernia. but when they opened him up from the groin area, they discovered he had malignant cancer of the testes. They immediately had to remove it. They informed him after it was over they will have to remove the other one as well.
    He was a hard working welder. He had no problem providing for his family. he paid his bills, and made sure there was food on the table. Now, he was forced to quit his job. He needs chemotherapy.  But, their income stopped. He is trying for Social Security, but it might take 4 months to get it. They're worried they're going to lose the house.
    My question to anyone who might know. Is there any programs out there this family can look into that could save them from loosing their home? Any kind of information would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

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      h.a.borcichposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      So sorry to hear what your friend is going thru. Hopefully these links and info can be of help.

        First he needs to apply for social security and ssi under compassionate care. They fast track advanced cancers to get benefits sooner and streamline the paperwork.

        If he is recieving care at a federally funded hospital - most local hospitals are- he needs to go to the billing office and tell them he needs to apply for a reduction in his bill. They have to reduce it according to his income. Don't wait til it goes to collection - hit it fast for best results.

        On the Amercan Cancer Society website, there should be a link for financial helps. There are programs to help with co pays, co insurance, transportation, etc. These can be very helpful.

        Also drug companies have hardship programs. Identify the manufacturer of the meds he needs, and go to their websites. They have applications for hardship. Some paperwork is needed, but if he qualifies, they will even ship his meds to his house free. This can be a big help during chemo etc.

        I hope this has been helpful. Sending hugs and positive vibes to your friend.