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Handicap Chair Lift Could Be Useful for the Elderly and Mobility Challenged People

Updated on January 16, 2013

A handicap chair lift allows those who have limited mobility, suffering from arthritis, handicapped or recently had hip or knee injury to get out from their chairs easily and without much efforts. If they are seated on a normal type of chair and unless helped by somebody else, getting up will require a lot of exertion and causes a great deal of pain. The handicap chair lift solves much of this problem by lifting a person out of their seats so that they won't have to place a lot of the pressure on their already hurt knee or hip.

A handicap chair lift is operated via an electric motor that makes it possible to rise and lean forward. It works by rising up to about 45 degree angle and which at this position, the handicap person will be able to place their feet on the ground easily and without needing to put a strain on their backs or legs. In addition to assisting a person to standing position, the handicap chair lift also allows or the person to recline back like a bed comfortably.

The control panel of the handicap chair lift is very simple and easy to operate. It normally has two buttons that allows the user to push when raising up or lowering the chair as desired. Some more advanced and complicated models will have more control options where the user can adjust the movement of the headrest and footrest independently.

If the user want the headrest to stay upright while the footrest raise, it can be done. There are more dials and buttons on the panel which may confuse some people, but they are also very customizable according to the user's preference. If buying a handicap chair lift for a person who has trouble with gadget, the simpler version with the basic function will be adequate.

Handicap Chair Lift and Seat Lift

For people who have limited budget, instead of getting a handicap chair lift, there's an cheaper alternative that could be considered. This simpler solution is known as 'seat lift' and it comes in the form of a seat pad and, which the user can place it on any chair that he or she prefers. This type of seat lift is also capable to assist handicapped people or anyone who recently has had hip surgery. This seat assistance is capable of lifting weight up to 300 pounds and is lot more cheaper than a handicap chair lift.

Handicap chair lift is available in wide varieties of colors and styles and they can be bought easily from furniture store, departmental store or even go online, Amazon. The handicap chair lift is indistinguishable from a regular chair recliner, you won't spot the difference with just a fast glance. The noticeable difference is having a control panel attached to the chair lift. The price of a normal handicap chair lift ranges from $500 to around $800. For the more advanced type, it may go up to $1,500 per piece.


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