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Handicap Shower Chair For Disabled Person

Updated on July 22, 2014

The bathroom or shower can be considered the most dangerous area in the house. This is even truer if you have family member who is disabled or in their golden years. Some of the common sources of injuries in the bathroom include slippery tile, hard ceramic surfaces and wet floors. Normal people might not have too much problem with this but consider the group of people mentioned just now, can they handle this type of bathroom?

One of the most effective methods to prevent accident in the bathroom is by using a handicap shower chair while taking a shower. The bathroom is surrounded by water and for people who have mobility challenge will definitely find it hard by standing when taking bath. Standing while taking a shower increases the possibility of getting injured since the person could slip and fall down easily. So that’s why it is important for them to sit down when showering.

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Handicap Shower ChairMounted Handicap Shower Chair (non lifted)Mounted Handicap Shower ChairWheel Shower Chair
Handicap Shower Chair
Handicap Shower Chair
Mounted Handicap Shower Chair (non lifted)
Mounted Handicap Shower Chair (non lifted)
Mounted Handicap Shower Chair
Mounted Handicap Shower Chair
Wheel Shower Chair
Wheel Shower Chair

They are few types of handicap shower seat that you can choose from which include, teak seat, plastic shower chair and steel shower seat. Some people prefer seat that made of wood while some prefer plastic or even steel.

The teak shower seat is a very comfortable piece of furniture but in the long run black fungi might develop due to constant moisture and exposure to water.

This is absolutely true for shower seat that is made of low quality of wood or 'fake' teak seat. Although teak is a very high quality of wood but that doesn’t mean they won’t wear out, only it might take longer of time, perhaps more than a few years.

Handicap shower chair is purposely designed to fit and provide comfort to disabled person when taking bath. It is also safer using such seats since they don’t have slippery surface besides being more stable.

Depending on the type of seat that you choose, some are wheeled and some are not. The wheeled type is more convenient for people who can hardly stand and that’s why he or she will need assistance to get into and out of the shower; wheel shower chair is perfect for that.

They are even some people who prefer mounted shower seat. This type of shower seat is convenient in terms that no storage space is needed to keep them when not being used. The seat could be lifted up when not being used and/or lifted down when it is needed. It won’t take a lot of space and easy to install. Normally this seat will be mounted at the corner of the bath with easy access to the shower.

Mounted seat and shower bench are more suitable for people who are not completely disabled, meaning they still can walk with the assistance of walking sticks. Wheel shower chair on the other hand, will be more suitable for people who couldn’t stand up completely. Using a wheeled chair does not only provide convenience to the disabled people themselves but also to the families members as well.

In short, if you there's a member in your family that is handicapped, please do not ignore their needs. Get a handicap shower chair and lets them gain back their independence at least in the shower room.


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    Elizabeth 3 years ago

    What is the weight capacity?