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Treatments for Acne.

Updated on September 10, 2011

how to cure acne with natural remedies

Anyone who suffers from severe or even moderate acne knows how hard can be to live with this condition and how difficult it is to get rid of these spots and pimples . If you are reading this hub most probably are among those whom are affected or are very close to someone who suffers of it.

Acne can seriously damage not only the skin and therefore the appearance of the person but the entire way of living as it would be extremely difficult, for some patients severely affected with this condition, to conduct a normal life. The psychological consequences of having acne can be as serious as the physical ones leading to depression, anxiety, anger and embarrassment. A decreased self esteem will lead to an isolating life as most people would avoid social gathering and community contacts because they feel ugly and embarrassed. Therefore is very important to cure acne as soon as it starts to appear to avoid a life of misery which would affect seriously they way people perceived themselves.

However hard it seems, a way to cure acne is possible and it is often a combination of different treatments, specific medicines ( in the most severe cases) and remedies, possibly accompanied by a correct food and hygiene regime.

Acne is a complex skin condition under which we often find a combination of pimples, blackhead, whitehead , pustoles and other blemishes. Although is still unclear how this condition develops, it mostly derives by an excess production of sebum, a lubrification substance that our body produce to moisturize the skin. A treatment can be easily figure out combining specific products, a correct diet, and a specific hygiene regime. In case of severe acne a dermatologist has to be consulted but the general advice for those who suffer is to cure acne as soon as possible.

Here some suggestions:

Food : the good news is that there is no scientific evidence that specific food are linked to acne’s development, therefore the occasional cookies and French fries are not in absolute the cause of acne. Probably acne is caused by unbalanced hormones that will be the consequences of a poor or wrong daily food regime or caused by genetic problems . I am not suggesting that who suffer from acne eats badly, but just to highlight that a proper and balanced diet would be an help in curing acne. Therefore some some nutrients can be extremely useful in getting rid of this condition.

Some studies have identified the excess production of sebum as directly linked to the glycemic index process which affect greatly the production of insulin in the body. What it is? The highest is the glycemic index the fastest is the release of sugar in the body. As a result the insulin hormone will store the excess of this sugar not consumed in various tissues for our body to use later. Unfortunately most of the times we accumulate too much of this and we become fat.

To keep the glycemic index balanced, therefore to control this process , a correct food regime would be rich in slow G.I food, in other words food that is not triggering an excessive release of energy hence with a low glycemic index. Those food rich in fibres like oatmeal, beans an citrus fruits, will be good in completing a treatment against acne.

Vitamin A also known as beta carotene is an excellent supplement in curing acne. Beta carotene can be found in oranges, pumpkins, carrots of course, bananas, spinach, mangoes, dried apricots, milk and mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Vitamin A is also an excellent antioxidant so that will be ideal to eliminate toxins and it is generally recognized as one of the best nutrient to make acne disappeared. Creams based of vitamin A should be considered because they help to regenerate the skin.

Your daily meals should also have zinc as it is an excellent barrier to acne. In fact this mineral prevents bacteria to grow in, protecting the skin from developing infections that cause pimples and postules. Food rich in zinc are pumpkin and squash seeds, low fat roast beef, cocoa powder chocolate, oysters.

Vitamin E is also highly recommended because of its antioxidants nutrients. A good source of vitamin E can be found in the following nutrients: wheat germs oil,turnips, spinach, broccoli, kiwi, peanuts, mango.

Vitamin B6 it helps to metabolize the hormones.cellars grow and and it has an important role in fighting infections. It can be found in food like cereals, potato, bananas, chicken breast, Oatmeal, Trout, rainbow coocked, sunflower seeds, Roast beef, spinach, avocado,

Another excellent defence and natural remedy for acne is aloe vera gel that is a natural supplement which has excellent nutrients to improve the condition of the skin and support the immune system greatly . Aloe is excellent in regenerating the skin. In fact is used to cure cuts, abrasion, sunburns, insect bites, scares, because it has powerful antibacterial action and triggers the skin to re-grow pretty fast. Make sure that the aloe gel or cream that you want to choose would have 100% of aloe gel in it. If you choose to drink it remember that as a natural product would take time to see some effects so be patient! I would have some aloe gel or cream in my bathroom cupboard in case of acne as part of my daily routine.

Daily hygiene :

Do not scrab, scratch or squeeze the pores or blackhead ect. This will cause permanent damages to the skin in form of scars that are really difficult to eliminate. Patients affected by acne tend to cover the face with powder or foundation, creams in order to disguise the condition. Although this is comprehensible, be aware that cosmetics has to be chosen carefully. The first important rule is to allow the skin to breathe and and excess use or wrong use of those cosmetic can lead to a deterioration of the condition. If you want to buy products choose those that are hypo allergic and noncomedogenic which means that the product does not block pores therefore does not cause or worsen acne.

Wash your face twice a day in the morning and just before going to bed. Try avoid to wash your face too much as excess water can cause permanent damages. Choose gentle cleasing gel, no scrubbing agent products with beads or balls. Choose soaps that contains a small amount of Benzoyl Peroxide which is an excellent anti-acne agent which makes the skin slightly dry preventing clogging. However use of excess Benzoyl Peorxide could cause more damages than benefits. Make sure that you just use a product at time that contains B.P. to avoid exceeding the amount recommended.

A natural remedy that may help to cure acne is tee tree oil that contains an element called Terpidem-4 that has got excellent antimicrobial effect. It would probably work better on mild and light acne condition while severe acne would probably need to be cured with much robust constituent like benzoyl peroxide but studies has shown that the side effects of using tea tree oil are are less severe than those coming from using benzoyl. If you want to try it there are different products based on tea tree oil like gels and creams. If you want to try to use it the pure oil remember to dilute the oil with water as it can itch on the skin. So a 5% tea tree oil solution would like 5 parts of oil and 95 parts of water.

I would not going into medicine for specific products because I am not a dermatologist and the only recommendation that I feel to give you is to speak to one of them for proper creams an drugs. Severe conditions must be dealt with the expert which I am not. The porpoise of this hub is just to highlight some complementary treatments and everyday actions with a general common sense.

Remember that for a specific product to produce some results you need to wait between 4 and 12 weeks. In the meantime integrate the product's action with combination of remedies like the ones suggested in this hub. Different treatments would help to perhaps accelerate the improvement of the skin but this would vary from individual to individual, as the causes, chemistry and level of acne would be different for each person.

I have suffered from a moderate acne myself as a teenager and I have seen a couple of friends of mine affected much more seriously than me being literally overwhelmed and seriously depressed by the condition. At that time we didn’t know what was that caused acne and many parents didn’t really care about the suffering of their children. We were given the average products on the market without getting much help. It is important that parents are aware of the suffering of their children and to find a a correct treatment for acne is really important in order to resolve more serious identity’s problems.


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    • kerlynb profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      I've done all the natural methods you mentioned here - vitamins, good diet and hygiene, and tea tree oil - and they worked. However, my acne kept coming back so I had to use 2.5% gel-based Benzoyl Peroxide together with my natural methods. I saw wonders! I had to resort to my own set of treatments because I thought that the prescriptions my derma gave me were just too harsh on my skin: glycolic soap, clindamycin solution, adapalene, benzoyl peroxide, etc. :(


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