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Shooting Pain In Neck

Updated on May 7, 2011

Shooting Pain In Neck

Experiencing shooting pain in your neck? This condition may be more annoying than it is serious. Most often, shooting pain in your neck comes from stress. Not just mental stress but physical stress of that area in your neck. If you sit at a desk all day long looking at a computer screen, you could possibly be sitting in an awkward position that causes you to tense up in that area. Repeated tension to the same muscle produces stress on that muscle. The muscle begins to burn and if it continues to go unchecked or corrected, you will begin to experience shooting and most times piercing pain in the area. I actually had this problem on my last job. The pain was piercing and went through my neck down throughout my shoulders. After I changed the position that I was sitting in, the pain went away. The changes I made were a little more involved than that, in short, that’s what happened. On the more serious side, and you’d definitely need to get with your doctor if your pain worsens or is more serious than what’s described above. But another reason for shooting pains in your neck is fibromyalgia. Again though, fibromyalgia is also said to be caused by stress. If your condition is fibromyalgia you really need to get a hold on the stressors in your life. This type of stress is usually not physical, but mental and emotional both. As a matter of fact, some believe that your body has lost it’s ability to handle stress and so it manifests as shooting pain throughout your body and definitely as pain in the neck. Of course prior injury could be a sure cause of shooting pain in neck. This is where you get in to degenerative disc pain. This is quite serious. Degenerative discs and the pain associated with it generally stems from prior injury. If that be the case with you then you are already well aware of your issue.

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Shooting Pain In Neck

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Shooting Pain In Neck

In short, if there are no specific issues that you are aware of and/or have not seen your doctor for unbearable pain or limited mobility due to the shooting pains you’re feeling then you may want to just begin eliminating stress from your life. Start with the emotional and mental stress. The most common place to start dealing with or eliminating stress is within your relationships. If you are in a romantic relationship that seems to be draining, then do what you have to do and move on. I was stressed once and after going to the doctor about the third time of going to my doctor, she told began to ask me about my relationships. So enough cannot be said about you taking stock of your life in that area in order to get a handle on the stress that you may be putting your body through. Next check out the ergonomics of your office furniture, even if you work at home, it’s important. Then as stated before, if you have serious shooting pain in your neck, see your doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions.


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      Arainn 6 years ago

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      praveen000 6 years ago from Good Old USA

      Thank you for such detailed explanation, Arainn.

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      Adriana 3 years ago

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