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Aerobic Dance - Stay Young and Fit with Cardio Dancing - Tae bo

Updated on August 29, 2014

stay young and fit with cardio dancing

Cardio dancing or dancing in general is an art plus it is also a form of fitness and a way to socialize. In the 80's when I was a kid, I never heard of cardio dances or formalized dancing but I grew up dancing in different forms. Dancing is a part of me, nah not belly dancing, I have tried that, some steps yes, but I am not really into it. More of social dancing, you might laugh and say -- why social dancing and children, well, with every occasions when I was young, old people and young ones join together to dance and we emulate old people, waltz, salsa -- those type of dances. Growing up, modern dance became a fad, and of course there’s hip hop, as well. Later on, I just follow the modern dance as we know today. I am into social and some cardio dancing now. I realized the importance of how to stay fit and young with cardio dancing, and dancing in general. Dancing while having fun is best.

women dancing to the beat -- cardio dancing-- dancers never grow old

Dancing is fun

Dancing is fun, and there is never a dull moment when you are into it. When I was young, we live in a village where everybody know each other, -- during weekends, when there are gatherings children in the neighborhood will gather and dance non stop. It is a custom in our place that everybody is invited during weddings, baptism and all other affairs, and dancing is part of any celebrations in the Philippines. "Tinikling" is our national dance. Later on of course after going into college, I am stuck in the dormitory and all I could have is an old phono music system “the turn table” and you can place a music there and bingo you can dance to the music. Now, there are lots of cardio video workouts to choose from.

So, are you ready to read with me and discover ‘how to stay young and fit with cardio dancing’?

other hubs of mine about dancing and cardio exercise--tae bo

If you have time, you can check the other hub of mine about benefits of dancing for your health "dancing" and playing under the sun for fitness among children, plus the tae bo -- terrific taekwon - do and boxing cardio workout.

Cardio dancing

What is cardio dancing?

  • In general, cardio dancing is a form of aerobics exercise -- following a beat and music sometimes in a fast manner, it can be in coordination with other body movements like in tae bo cardio dancing.
  • Dancing in itself is an art, it is also a form of fitness. “Aerobic exercise is physical exercise that intends to improve the oxygen system Aerobic means "with oxygen", and refers to the use of oxygen in the body's metabolic or energy-generating process. Many types of exercise are aerobic, and by definition are performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended periods of time."


women tae bo cardio dancing

benefits of cardio dancing

  • Cardio dancing improves your breathing and the heart and lungs for staying fitter. It is the management of air in our system plus it helps in the circulation of better breathing in general.
  • You can never get bored with dancing because you listen to music as well, and you can make fun while performing the dance.
  • It is a form of socialization and it is not expensive
  • To lose weight and stay fit in general.
  • You become younger because of firmer muscles, you become agile, all your minds, and senses are working while you do cardio dancing.
  • You feel confident if you can follow the steps and dance with it while having fun


hey, they can dance as well to stay young

Children and adults

People ages 50 and above can also dance as a form of exercise  to maintain health in general, specially for breathing -- and strength of their "lungs" plus for cardio purposes. It has been found out that for women, exercise is helpful for preventive and cure measure against cancer -- breast cancer for example, as well as osteoporosis. Exercise in the form of dancing makes them young and have a good posture. They also socialize with others specially for social dancing.   

children can dance to stay fit

Stay fit while young

 Children and dancing

  • Children can also dance to stay fit, whether you decide as a parent to enrol your children to a class, dancing class is beneficial to them, they are more disciplined, patience and they value fitness and schedule as well. Aside form this during winter they can also dance at homes ans if they don't have time to gout, fun activities outside the house us still the best but dancing is another form of fitness for children as well.

Some dances for children:

  • figure skating
  • modern dance
  • hip hop
  • ballet
  • jazz
  • social dancing

Different types of cardio dances available

Since there are many available cardio dance workout which is out in the market nowadays, you can choose which type of cardio dances you will engaged into. These are some of my top five favorites:

  • Tae bo is popularized by Billy Blanks in the 90s and this type of cardio dance is a combination of taekwon -do and boxing, great isn’t it? This tae bo program programs use the motions of martial arts at a rapid pace designed to promote fitness in general. There is a post natal tae bo work out in the market which was popularized as well by Billy Blanks daughter.

stay young and fit with cardio dancing

Crunch Cardio Dance Blast with Marie Forleo!

  • This "Crunch Cardio Dance Blast" is six easy-to-follow dance combos led by a very high-energy instructor. This hip shakin’ cardio party is sure to have you burning fatand having fun and it is even recommended for thre rythmically challenged” person The cardio dance steps are the steps are taught at half-tempo, linked together and finally blended into full sequence. The moves range from “body rolls” and “salt shakers” to “fast and funky” and sultry “dance diva” patterns (with a Latin flair). Each segment also has a complementary upper-body movement

Shaun T cardio workout video

Shaun T cardio workout video part 2

stay young and fit with cardio dancing

Hip Hop Cardio video by T. Shaun

This is for younger generation but hey we can also try it!

  • Hip Hop Cardio video-- Now this is for the younger generation who is into hip hop -- the best there is Shaun t and this is available even at Amazon. There are others in the hip hop series with Shaun T. such as the "Fat Burning" video as well. -- Fat Burning Cardio -- it will cut and melt off the calories and dance off the pounds with his’ super fat-burning cardio workout plus it is also filled with the hottest dance music and cool hip hop dance moves. You can choose the video you want for your abs, body sculpting, and just total loss of weight.

Dancing with the Stars

stay young and fit with cardio dancing

"Dancing with the Stars" cardio dance

  • Dancing with the Stars cardio dance -- is a DVD collection of "Dancing with the Stars" dance moves for cardio. This fast paced and it is easier to follow as well, it is available in stores everywhere specially at Amazon as well. Segments from the "Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance" workout video: A totally dance-oriented fat-burner with four different dance styles plus you will be energized by the three instructors from the TV show — Ashley, Kym and Maksim. "Their enthusiasm and interpersonal rapport make every step seem completely do-able (but theres not much "cuing;" you mostly just follow along). The four techniques are taught in separate segments. First: three sexy, hip shakin Latin dances — Paso Doble, Cha Cha and Samba."

jackie henderson cardio video

stay young and fit with cardio dancing


dance cardio video workout by Jackie Henderson

  • This video workout by Jackie Henderson is only 30 minutes and you can download it and peruse in your homes. It's a low impact workout stylized with easy to follow, funky and fun dancemoves! Learn club, reggae and Latin style dance moves as you burn fat, easy as it does.


stay young and fit with cardio dancing


  • Salsa is a synchronized dance from Latin America specially Cuba -- Puerto Rico and all the rest of Caribbean island. Salsa is essentially Cuban with deep Afro-Cuban beats, and additional musical influences. Salsa is fun fast moving dance and can easily burn your carbo. It is also best for cardio workout. Some researches studied the benefits of salsa and positive health effects and the author of the study said that "Salsa is a spirited dance," (study author Gian Pietro Emerenziani, from the University of the Studies of Rome, in Italy) and with this form of dance, you are clearly getting a workout. All three types of salsa in our study, practiced frequently, will have a positive impact on health and fitness."


Best cardio workout starter


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