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Updated on April 4, 2013

The secrets of good living

Ubani Alexander Chijioke

┬ęcopyrights 2008

history testifies to the fact that healthy people follow a rigid way of life different from the common way all over. It is well observed to state that some follow ovolactovegetarian diet which includes strict vegetarian lifestyle, without eggs or milk. They consume fruits, cereals and vegetables. Also, many live a life free of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or even drugs. It is no wonder a secret many have easily overlooked. In the event of this, the effect of such lifestyle has complemented their health. It has bettered their longevity, and they have good health.

It is noteworthy to say that the effect of living a lifestyle devoid of alcohol, tobacco and immorality adds to one's life span. It reduces the risk of heart attacks, cancer (especially that of the lungs because of the absence of tobacco). It reduces the risk of breast, prostate or other organ cancers. The secret behind longevity dictates that one must follow a positive lifestyle to get the best out of life.

More so, history and research shows that living on different kind of vegetables increases the longevity of a person. Let's examine the people of Otomi of India.

The people of Otomi live in the highlands of central Mexico. According to the American Journal of Public Health,ANDERSON, R.K; CALVO, J.; ROBINSON,W.D. 38:1126(1948)

Show that this particular people enjoy a great deal of good health, rarely, will you hear of obesity, arterial hypertension or cancer among them. This is attributed to the fact that their food is mainly made up of different kinds of vegetables like corn tortillas, and beans etc.

Among the other basic addition to the effects and portents of vegetables, let us tour the lifestyle of the Sherpas of Nepal. This people are known for their extraordinary physical vitality and strength. The inhabitants of the rugged heights of the Himalayas have overtime become famous for their expeditions to Mount Everest. The most remarkable of them was Tenzing Norgay, the sherpa who accompanied the English mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary in the first ascent in history of Mount Everest. "Potatoes are our main crops, and are the basis of the sherpa diet, just as rice is for the Hindu and Chinese people. The varieties of potatoes which grow in the Himalays are cultivated in lands found at a very high altitude (4,500 meters) which thus guarantees a supply of food in remote areas. Other basic foods in our diet are barley and wheat. The sherpas get milk and cheese from flocks of sheep, goats and yaks with which they supplement their diet based on potatoes and cereals. Meat is hardly used, and the sherpas who are Buddhists are total vegetarians." Tenzing Norgay sums up in his autobiography Tigers of the Snows.

This fact attests to the importance of our discussion on vegetables. The secret of a good living and longevity depends on our lifestyle and the things we eat.

The secrets of good living involve, physical exercise, abundance of high quality tasteful and excellent fruits, nuts and grains. Above all, a strict vegetarian diet, pure physical exercise, a tranquil lifestyle and fresh pure air contributes in no small way of increasing our life span.

Do you have any tested and confirmed secret(s) that have/has helped you in life? If yes, share with us using the comment box.

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