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Buy Kate Middleton's Royal Engagement Ring Replica Online today!

Updated on September 15, 2011

History of "The Ring"

"The Ring" was chosen by Lady Diana Spencer on her engagement to HRH Prince Charles in 1981. The ring was presented to Diana by the jewellers Garrard ,established in London in 1735 and believed to be the oldest jewellery firm in the world. The ring was a stock item and a such was available to members of the public to buy. Those of us around Lady Diana's age remember that original starry eyed bride and recall her delight in her new ring. Many official photographs were taken, often straying to her hand and "The Ring"

Welsh Gold

Princess Diana's wedding ring was made out of welsh gold. In 1923 the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, married the then Duke of York. She obtained a nugget of gold from the Clogau St. David's mine at Bontddu in North Wales. The gold from this nugget was used to make the wedding rings of Her Majesty the Queen in 1947. HRH Princess Margaret in 1960, HRH Princess Anne in 1973 and Princess Diana in 1981. Almost the last of the gold was used in 2005 to make the gold wedding band for Charles' present wife, Camilla.

More Gold!

In November 1981 a further nugget of 21 carat welsh gold was presented to the queen and this gold was used to make the wedding rings for Sarah, ex wife of the Duke of York .If Kate and William decide to follow the family tradition, Kate's wedding band will be made of welsh gold.

I want

It may be, like me, that you have always had a yearning for the original engagement ring, the oval blue 18 carat sapphire and diamond surround ring. I am afraid that when we got engaged £28,000 was way over my budget- it represented half the cost of our house.

This time around there is a lot of choice. At the budget end there are replica rings at quite a low cost. Amazon start at $29.99 with cubic zirona and austrian crystal whilst for $58 you get a plated metal ring with a glass sapphire stone and a ring measuring 1" diameter!! That would be noticeable!

There are lots of other rings in  the $1200 + range. Rings are available in gold, white gold and even platinum. The stones are usually a sapphire and the carat of the stone and diamond will depend on how much you or your intended is willing to pay.


As I have got older I don't tend to wear rings, mainly because my hands have deteriorated! If you are in the same position but still like the look, there are some great necklaces and earrings and sets designed on the same trend of the sapphire surrounded by diamonds. They are also good if you already have your engagement ring but still want "the look". You could hint to your husband that the necklace or earrings would be a lovely valentine present.

Take advantage of the opportunities now available and buy a replica of Kate Middleton;'s Royal Engagement Ring, online today.


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