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Buy Aynsley China Royal Engagement, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Crown Plate online,today!

Updated on August 21, 2011

Brief History of Aynsley Pottery

John Aynsley started his pottery business at Longton in Staffordshire, England, in 1775.The area is known as the potteries because it is located in one of the six pottery towns in Staffordshire. The business continued within the family during the nineteenth century, culminating in the opening of a new building, "The Portland Works" which provided light and spacious work rooms. John Aynsley was a man thinking beyond his years as the factory that he built is still in use today. Prior to this the manufacture of pottery had been a cottage industry with most work taking place in individual homes which made the process laborious and slow

John Aynsley also invested in a colliery, perhaps in order to keep his own production costs lowered. He shared this investment with the Spode family, another potteries family.

Aynsley was an early philanthropist. He was elected as mayor of Longton and used his role to encourage the building of a community hospital and public parks in the Longton area.

A history of Royal Appreciation

In 1896 Aynsley began its range of commemorative ware, producing a fine bone china plate and saucer for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

The Royal family own many sets from the Aynsley company. In October 1931 Aynsley produced a beautiful hand painted design called Tulip. This design was supplied to Queen Mary in 1931 and some later pieces are marked, "As supplied to H.M. The Queen"

When our current queen became engaged to Philip she chose an Aynsley dinner service as her present from the British Pottery manufacturers Federation, the design of which was later known as Elizabeth.

This tradition was continued with the presentation of a dinner service to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 on the occasion of her marriage to HRH Prince Charles.

In 1997 Aynsley china was bought out by the Belleek Group- an irish firm which also produce high quality, beautiful china.

Aynsley is a quality china and will be a collectible item in the future.

Grab you own slice of history

Now that another royal marriage is upon us we have the chance to grab our own slice of history. Have a look at Amazon's selection of commemorative china made by one of the few surviving English pottery companies and take advantage of their competitive prices to have your little piece of history.

You can be assured of prompt delivery, although as this china is shipped from the UK, it will take a little longer than internal shipping.

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