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Christmas 2012: Best Gifts for Those That Love Fishing

Updated on December 10, 2012
wallyir, morguefile
wallyir, morguefile

For all those folks that have a friend or family member that treasures the hobby of fishing and that therefore like to spend countless hours by the lake, Christmas 2012 features a lot of hot fishing gear that will surely unwrap the biggest smiles. Whether you are looking for accessories, clothing, equipment or simply something fish related, there will certainly be a lot to choose from for all those people that have a bad case of the fishing bug.

-Casio AQW101B Men's Sports Gear Thermometer Fishing Indicator Watch

This makes a great gift for those that require a watch that goes beyond its normal time telling functions. Indeed this Casio is capable of going down up to 200 meters, it has more than 30 time zones, it works as a thermometer and best of all, it has a special fishing mode feature for all the fishing fanatics out there.

-Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Pocket Knife

You really cannot go wrong with a Swiss Army champion pocket knife for any outdoorsy person. For fishermen, this special knife features a fish scaler and a hook disgorger among all the other useful blades and camping tools included. This pocket knife comes in the classical red Swiss Army casing and encompasses a total of 30 stainless steel indispensable tools.

-Berkley 50 Pound Digital Fish Scale

For all those that cannot wait to weigh the big fish they have just captured comes this accurate digital scale. Ir is water resistant of course and comes with multiple functions such as 10 weight memory, average and combined weight settings and a special tare function that allows to weigh multiple fish at once. The hook is retractable and the scale functions with batteries.

-Garmin Rino Handhelp GPS Navigator and 2 Way Radio

For those that enjoy wandering about unfamiliar paths, this GPS Navigator is a great way to keep an intact sense of orientation and ensure a safe and happy return home (with lots of fish, hopefully!). The Garmin Rino is also a 2 Way Radio that may help keep in touch with other fishing companions up to two miles nearby 9. ''Hey, Bob did you get anything yet?''

-Coleman 2451 Deluxe Fish Pen

In order to get a good gift for the fishing fanatic, you must sort of get in his own shoes: imagine fishing opportunities everywhere! The Coleman 2451 Deluxe Pen accomplishes this:it allows you to be prepared anywhere you go, you never know when a good opportunity may arise! The small pen contains a compact pole so to leave no more shadows of regrets in the fisherman gone out without his bulky fishing gear!

Whether you are fishing for bass, catfish or carp, these hot fishing gear presents will be a pleasant addition to any fisher-men's collection. Just one word of caution; while shopping for fishing gear, be very careful, as the fishing bug is not easy to be contained, after minutes spent shopping, watch it, or you may get yourself as well ''hooked''!


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      charlesk 7 years ago

      This was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in christmas gift ideas…