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Special Christmas Gifts for Those Special People

Updated on December 5, 2010

How to make everybody happy this Christmas


We all know special people with special passions fueling their lives. After all, the best gifts are those connected to the things in life people are passionate about. Try to find out what makes your girl friend's eyes sparkle or your boyfriend's face lighten up. Then try to figure out what they have and do not have. Chances are high that if you find a gift related to what really makes the life of your special someone extra special, you will score high for giving the ultimate gift they care for.

A little bit of investigative work is required: if you know your boyfriend loves to play the guitar, ask him to show it to you, play a song and in the meanwhile, take advantage and look around. You want to find something he is missing and casually ask something like: you seem to care so much about your guitar, don't you have a case to protect it from the dust? Or if your girlfriend loves to cook ask her opinion on what is the best tool every chef dreams of and ask if she has one to show to you.

Talk casually, and look for what may be missing in their lives. Sometimes they will give you hints as to what they really wished they had and are eager to have some day. Finding out the stuff your friends are passionate about is the ultimate way to make the gift giving process a lot easier than expected.

While everybody has some passion, not everybody will be too eager to talk about them. In these cases, you must try to figure out what type of person you are dealing with and find an appropriate gift. Find out if you are dealing with somebody who is active, loves the outdoors or if it is rather a coach potato who loves to stay warm and cozy.

You will need to use some psychology and use your antennas to find out what type of person you are dealing with. Is that person lazy, active, stylish, messy, practical, artistic, workaholic? Think a list of qualities and this hub will have the done the rest for you....

Gifts for Those Trying to Lose Weight

If you know your friend's New Year's Resolution is to lose weight, or if losing weight has been a long term goal but motivation is missing, these gifts will certainly help out without offending. These objects will help your friend reach his or her goal more easily and will add to the overall motivation.Losing weight is not easy to accomplish and the road is an uphill battle. 

Weight Loss Gifts

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt Neoprene Fat Burning Sauna Waist Trainer - Promotes Healthy Sweat, Weight Loss, Lower Back Posture (Includes 1 Belt)
McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt Neoprene Fat Burning Sauna Waist Trainer - Promotes Healthy Sweat, Weight Loss, Lower Back Posture (Includes 1 Belt)

The waist trimmer cushions, compresses, and supports your lower back and abdominal muscles while retaining therapeutic heat. As a result, you'll not only trim your love handles, but also relieve sore muscles and arthritis.


Gifts for Artists

These gifts are for those who love to draw, scribble and paint. Artists of course, will love receiving gifts that will allow them to release their inner artistic skills. Whether your friends, wife, daughter or co-worked likes to use oil paints, water colors or pastels these gifts will surely leave them pleasantly surprised and eager to draw and paint.

Gifts for Artists

Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower, Storage Case, Sharpener, (52-0029)
Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower, Storage Case, Sharpener, (52-0029)

The Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower is the largest collection of Crayola crayons ever assembled.


Gifts for Guitar Players

If you know that special somebody that cannot spend another day without playing their guitar these gifts are for them. Whether your friend has just started plying the guitar or is already a pro nothing can make a better gift than a guitar related gift. You do not have to be a pro about guitars to make these gifts, just figure out if they are appropriate and very likely they will be greatly appreciated!

Fender 351 Shape Premium Picks (12 Pack) for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and bass
Fender 351 Shape Premium Picks (12 Pack) for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and bass

You cannot go wrong with the classics. In this case, we are talking about the Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Pick. Classic shape, medium weight, Fender Premium Celluloid picks combine the traditional tone and feel of celluloid, with beautiful and unique colors.


Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

These are those folks that own a Jeep or Pick up truck, who wear boots and love to go fishing or hunting. Their favorite attire consists of military camouflage, comfortable boots and hats to keep their heads dry. They know all about survival and love to go camping. They have been almost everywhere in the wild. 

Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger with Classic Pocket Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger with Classic Pocket Knife

From the renowned company that created the Swiss Army knife more than a century ago comes the Victorinox Ranger with Classic SD knife set.


Gifts for cooks

These are gifts for those who look forward to cooking each day. They have secret recipes and their homes smell like a restaurant. They already may have a stack of tools for cooking but there is always that special accessory missing in action. Browse very carefully through their kitchen to find out what they may be craving for.

Gifts for cooks

Perfect Brownie Pan Set
Perfect Brownie Pan Set

The non-stick way to bake, slice and serve your favorite treat!


Gifts for Couch Potatoes

You know where these people are hiding. They are likely wearing their pajamas, watching television with a batch of popcorn in their arms. Their best friend is the remote control and they are always cold. They love to wear fluffy slippers and their best days are when they are off. Calling sick from work almost feels for them as a very rewarding experience as they dream a day on their couch sipping on hot cocoa.

Snuggie Original Fleece Blanket, Blue
Snuggie Original Fleece Blanket, Blue

Snuggie - The Blanket That Has Sleeves! Keeps You Warm and Your Hands Free!


Gifts for lazy people

These are those people who have a hard time keeping their home clean and that have messy homes. They like to procrastinate and have a hard time keeping track of work. They live in their own little world but are quite creative and like to against the tide. They see no reason why a bed should be done if they have to go back to it hours later.

Gifts for Lazy People

Evriholder Genie Microfiber Women's Slippers, 6-9, Pink
Evriholder Genie Microfiber Women's Slippers, 6-9, Pink

Clean as you go. With the Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, cleaning is as easy as walking across them.


Gifts for stylish people

These people like to dress good and look good. They always have the best perfume on and the trendiest shoes. They will appreciate anything that is signed by their favorite stylists. If it costs a lot very likely they will like it. However, some gifts can be affordable. These are some gifts that will likely be appreciated by those who like to be in style.

UGG Australia Women's Classic Short Winter Boots,Black,8 US
UGG Australia Women's Classic Short Winter Boots,Black,8 US

UGG Australia Style 5825. Classic short boots. Smooth leather outer. Fully lined with genuine sheepskin. Wicks away moisture and helps keep feet dry. Non-slip rubber sole. Signature logo on back


Gifts for Eco-friendly people

These are those folks who love the world, eat organic foods, re-cycle and look for eco-friendly alternatives for a better living environment. Being eco-friendly is the trend of the time and it is a good trend because it makes people more aware of the problems our planet faces and helps think about the future. Being eco-friendly also means caring for the future generations that will live in this world in the near future.

Gifts for Eco-friendly people

Global Warming Mug
Global Warming Mug

Have you wondered what the world would look like after the polar ice caps melt? Now see it over a cup of coffee


Gifts for boyfriends

Boyfriends had to be included as categories of special people that may be on the challenging side to buy gifts for. Indeed, in ever corner of this world there is very likely some girl friend thinking all day long what gift to buy for their soul mate. If your boyfriends does not belong to any of the categories of people above, then these gifts should make good guesses.

Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know (Stuff You Should Know)
Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know (Stuff You Should Know)

Quirk has incredibly high standards of good taste—which is why most of the content in Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know cannot be reprinted in this catalog.


Gifts for Difficult People

At times no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to find that perfect gift for everybody. If you know somebody that has almost everything, or that you do not know to well to improvise a gift, then your best bet is a gift card. Amazon's gift cards make a great choice, since Amazon now has thousands of gifts to choose from .

Gifts for Difficult people Gift Cards Gift Cards Gift Cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they're hoping for--even if you don't know what it is.



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    • profile image

      Tia A 

      6 years ago


      My name is Tia i have a family of 7, things has been so hard since the beginning of last year. I got terminated wrongfully from work and i was on medical leave on May 30, 2011. My husband got laid of his job and now still looking for a job and helping out with my family. I'm disabled. I'm diagnosis with diabetes 2 the beginning of this year. I'm the only one with income of $920.00 from S.S.D.I for a family of 7. We pay rent and pay for our car and insurance which after that it left us with either nothing or just few buck less than $20 the whole month. So, it is very depressing for us because my husband has no luck of finding a job not only that everyday he is out seeking work and it does gets so depressing of waiting for a phone called saying... "We're sorry the position he apply for is filled. But each day i see smiles on his face and he always telling me and my kids things will get better someday. And also he comes home and help me, i can't really do much. I have a chronic pain on my legs bottom of my feet can't barely walk, i have gout, arthritis, diabetes, my hands and feet are so much in pain of standing or walking too long or much. So my husband comes home cheers us up no matter how bad things are. So, i have been browsing around in the net asking where can we go and pick up free toys or gift for our children for christmas and i came into your site. So, here is my story. Things hasn't been too great and good on my family lately, but we try so hard to forget the pain of having little bit to nothing by accepting the fact we got each other for christmas. But i only taking chances of asking around something for my kids only for them this christmas to be happy.. If they are happy we are happy too. Thank you for reading and God bless us all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 

      8 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      This is an excellent hub, I liked the way you broke it down to their passions and hobbies. Some really great gift ideas, I am saving this as a favorite. rate up love and peace darski


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