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Everyday is a New Day

Updated on January 30, 2012
Every Day is a New Day !
Every Day is a New Day !

How is your New Year going?

Have you kept your resolutions or are they long forgotten?

Did you get a few weeks into the New Year and feel that you perhaps "blew-it" ! All of the "new things" you were going to do or not do, did not happen, and now you are feeling pretty down.

No need to give up and wait for next year to start over !

Each day is a new beginning !

Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our life !

I had this thought when I woke up this morning. I opened my eyes and thought, I have a choice, this is a new day, I can do with it what I will. When my feet hit the floor today I can choose to walk confidently or shuffle aimlessly. This is a new day, it is just like a new year, it is full of opportunity and life, it is up to me to make the most of it.

As long as I have breath and my eyes open to to see a new day and my feet can touch the floor--I can count myself blessed that I have been given another new day to get up and go out and live ! There will be new opportunities to try and new challenges to face and whether it is the middle of January or the end of June, I need not feel defeated because I can keep starting over with each new day I am given !

So, if you have tried and failed with your New Year's Resolutions so far, don't let it bother you because tomorrow is a new day ! When you wake up tomorrow you can start all over again and if it just doesn't work out, well then, hey, just try again the next day !

Rejoice in what you are given and do the best you can with it !

"This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)



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    • jmpyle profile image

      jmpyle 10 years ago

      great hub! you truly are an inspiration!

    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      i really like the name of your ministry. wishing you all the best.