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Funny Christmas Decorations and Ornaments for Your Home

Updated on February 1, 2015
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!

We Can't All Have Good Taste

Many people enjoy decorating for the holidays. People seem to especially enjoy decorating their homes for Christmas. There are those that love tastefully decorating their house or apartment. They have a nice live tree, beautiful twinkling lights, and carefully placed garland, tinsel, and ornaments. Then there are the rest of us.

If you are like me, your true joy during the holiday season is actually creating a tacky Christmas wonderland. Not only do I enjoy a very fake fiber optic tree, I believe funny Christmas decorations are really the best way to go. Who needs to take the holiday season seriously when you can amuse your houseguests or neighbors? So let's explore some funny Christmas decorating options.

Inflatable Leg Lamp

Nothing says, "Hi neighbors, I have really bad taste," more than a Christmas Story Inflatable Leg Lamp Lawn Ornament. Who doesn't enjoy a good Christmas Story movie reference? Everyone (with a sense of humor) enjoys the leg lamp in the movie. So what better way to give everyone driving by your house a good laugh this holiday season?

Santa Claus Tablecloth

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Santa Claus tablecloth? Why have something boring at the table this Christmas when you can have a funny and cute decoration? Sure, maybe it looks like Santa lost his clothing while at your place, but you can leave people guessing with that one.

Inflatable Mooning Santa

Well, apparently you've been pretty naughty this year since Santa is mooning you instead of bringing treats. Yes, you can easily offend your visitors with this "interesting" inflatable mooning Santa. Personally, I think you might want to keep this decoration indoors or at least in the backyard. Most folks have a sense of humor, but when it comes to disturbing their children with this lawn ornament, their sense of humor might begin to dwindle.

Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser

What could be more hilarious than a pooping reindeer candy dispenser? Not too much, that is for sure. When it comes to tacky, this is probably about as tacky as you can get. However, this is a really funny Christmas gift or decoration for your home. What a great place to store your Christmas candy this year.

Candy Coal

Not only is Candy Coal a fun stocking stuffer, but this is a fun decoration. You can give a giant bag with lumps of coal as a gift to all the naughty folks in your life. Better yet, use this to decorate your home by sitting the bag of coal with your other gifts under the tree.

Christmas Pink Flamingos

You might like to celebrate Christmas, but did you know pink flamingos enjoy it as well? Pink flamingos have long been considered one of the tackiest lawn ornaments a person can own. Of course, someone has to come along and make a Christmas version of pink flamingos. They are really quite cute and very humorous. One flamingo is a reindeer and the other is a Santa.

Funny Christmas Ornaments

Last but not least, are funny Christmas ornaments. Nothing brightens a tree more than funny ornaments. You can choose anything from farting ornaments to Chick-fil-A cow ornaments. Just about any cartoon character has its own ornament.

Depending on your theme for the tree, you may want to choose certain tacky or funny Christmas ornaments. Of course, the more ridiculous the better, so I say, just go with a funny theme in general. You can make your tree as tacky and mismatched as humanly possible. Maybe you want to have My Little Ponies sitting beside Star Wars characters. It is your tree - do it your way!

Merry Christmas!


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