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The Best Marijuana Halloween Costume Ideas For Stoners

Updated on October 24, 2013

Halloween is almost here and without question you're more than likely going to turn up at one or more parties or perhaps you’re throwing a bash of your very own.

You will eventually need to come up with some party games – whether it's bobbing for pot or pin the bud on the bong. Just make sure that the most important part of Halloween isn't overlooked up until the very last feasible moment: what to be, what to wear.

And that is the challenge with Halloween.

Most will only have one night to wear a costume, and there are boundless options. How frequently as a child have you ever agonized over picking out a costume, merely to wish you had selected otherwise having seen the neighbor child in a much better Halloween costume than your own? Well, although you are grown up some things remain the same. At the very least, if you wish to project a super-cool identity while keeping with a "high" concept this holiday season you are going to at the very least have to filter down your options.

Checking out the web for Halloween costume possibilities, we identified a sexy medical marijuana nurse for the ladies, the large walking weed leaf (certain to get a number of straight folks pondering what they have eaten), and also the human bong man. Some store-bought costumes, on the other hand, have a tendency to look quite tacky, however, if that is what you happen to be shooting for make sure you find a good one. Representation of a legitimate stoner should happen effortlessly with a small amount of imaginative design and style and assemblage.

A little word of caution for all you gals:

We realize you might be contemplating a Lady Gaga costume this season, and that would't be a bad call. The girl is smokin’ (perhaps literally, if that which we hear is true)! Take into account that almost every other woman within the galaxy is considering this as well, but the good news is Gaga elicits a style that permits for a thousand Gagas hitting the streets and events without any two looking the same. Using a Halloween costume such as this, it really is a great opportunity for getting creative and injecting a bit of marijuana culture into her appearance. She twisted her tresses in Coca Cola cans one time, you could use a pipe inside your curly wig. Scissor up some paper bud leaves and smartly position them on a bodysuit and turn into a walking ad for the loveliness that is Mary Jane.

With regards to Halloween stoner outfits, guys have it a great deal less complicated.

All you actually need to do is throw on some sweatpants as well as the ideal marijuana leaf style t-shirt. Get a black trench coat or put on your baseball cap in reverse, stick in a “spliff” and you are good to go.

A huge component of pulling off a Shaggy, Cheech or Chong, as well as a Lovely lady Gaga, is personality and approach. No matter what you find yourself donning this season, channel your inner Halloween freak and turn into that individual. With a good buzz you can definitely make it happen this Halloween once the veil in between this world and the next becomes intertwined.

Of course, if you find yourself spending the entire night at your home with a bowl full of candy, at the least you will certainly look great doing it, but make sure you save enough treats for the children coming by to trick or treat.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.


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      4 years ago from Harrisburg Pa

      Best pot costumes are Cheech & Chong


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