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Thanksgiving Decorations

Updated on December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

There are a variety of ideas to create a great Thanksgiving holiday look for your home, and getting the right decorations can provide a terrific atmosphere to this wonderful day of the year.

When thinking of Thanksgiving decoration ideas, some things to keep in mind are using a fall theme and then blending it with the Thanksgiving theme in your home. These two work together really well, and always capture the atmosphere you're looking to create.

Some decorations you can use to create that great Thanksgiving atmosphere include gourds, artificial flowers, pine cones, candles, apples, leaves and corn. You can also add ribbons to tie around the corn tassels, or not only use solid, standalone candles, but also candle holders with narrow candles to add to the feel and look you want.

What I've done here is include a number of photos of Thanksgiving decorations to generate some ideas and how to use a number of the elements mentioned above to create a great Thanksgiving atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends.

Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration

We're always looking for something a little unique to set off our holiday decorations in order to delight our family or guests, and the turkey below is one of those that are fun to make, customizable for each guest, and look good with the seasonal colors.

A fun and easy way to make everyone feel special on Thanksgiving. It's also a great way to get the family involved if the decision is made to make some decorations by hand.

Thanksgiving Decoration Turkey

Thanksgiving Decorations on Mantle

If you have a mantle, or any flat, long area for that matter, here's some ideas that you can use to put together a nice look.

When mentioning gourds before, this is one way you could employ them as part of your Thanksgiving decorations, along with other items to complete the setting.

Notice the simple way the gourds are adapted and changed for the Thanksgiving décor. The gourds were painted in fall colors and shined up a bit, and then placed in large glass containers to be displayed.

Putting Thanksgiving Decorations on a Mantle

Using Corn and Leaves to Decorate

Talk about an easy but compelling Thanksgiving decoration, here it is. Take some corn and leaves, lay them out in a simple way like this, than add the ribbons around the tassels, or whatever else that you want to give the type of Thanksgiving ambiance you're attempting to make, and you have a fantastic grouping of colorful corn and leaves to create the awesome look.

Set the Table with Thanksgiving Plates

For those who don't want to get too involved in decorating, or don't like to add the types of things to their home we've shown above, just going out and buying a place setting like those below goes a long way in getting everyone in the Thanksgiving mood with the vibrant colors expressed in all the setting pieces.

Thanksgiving Place Setting

Easy Leaf on Plate Thanksgiving Decoration

There is nothing more easy than what's included below. Just add a colorful leaf on a plate and you have an instant decoration that will delight your guests, or at minimum, get a funny comment.

Leaf on Plate Decoration

Thanksgiving Decorations Using Basket

Here's a cone basket that's so easy to use and put together for the terrific look you can see. Of course you could use any type of basket for that matter; this is to just get your creative juices flowing.

Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Decorations are Fun and Easy

As you can see from these Thanksgiving decoration photos, setting up a nice display in different parts of your home doesn't have to be complicated and hard. Just gathering together a few things from your yard or leaves falling from trees could be all you need.

Add some candles, a basket, and the various other things you see here and in just a short time you have a really nice Thanksgiving atmosphere everyone will enjoy.


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