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Thanksgiving Holiday Cards

Updated on August 19, 2014

Cards for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cards offer a great opportunity to celebrate a terrific part of American history by sharing the treasured moment with loved ones, while also enjoying the fall time of year that signals change and a continuation of the holiday season.

Many Thanksgiving cards include the fall colors associated with that time of the year, as well as the center of our culinary experience for the day: the turkey.

Consequently, a lot of orange, yellow and brown colors are part of Thanksgiving, and also Thanksgiving cards.

One other fun part of Thanksgiving cards is the vintage ones that remind us so much of a more simple and joyful time many of wish we could turn back to.

Either way, Thanksgiving is a great time of the year, and sending and receiving Thanksgiving cards is one of the great ways to remind and share with others about how thankful we are for all that we have.

Simple Thanksgiving Card That Says it All

I like simplicity in many areas of life, and in this Thanksgiving card it really stands out for the simple message and great look at two Pilgrims who are really counting their blessings. Does that turkey know that he may about to be part of the source of blessings and thankfulness?

Simple Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving Card with Seasonal Colors

Here's another very traditional and simple Thanksgiving card that conveys a wonderful sense of joy and celebration. The fall colors are great, and give the sense of a table being set for the entire family to enjoy.

The way the blue flowers are scattered about the ring of leaves adds a nice touch, breaking up the gorgeous fall colors of red, yellow and orange.

Seasonal Colors and Thanksgiving Card

Postcard for Thanksgiving

This is a fun Thanksgiving card because it seems to be transitioning from the Halloween season to the Thanksgiving season, as evidenced by what seems to be a ghost speaking from the fireplace with the cat looking on.

It appears the message is someone is behind times with Halloween already have passed.

Thanksgiving Post Card

Vintage Thanksgiving

While it's hard to tell if this is an authentic vintage Thanksgiving card or a card of a vintage Thanksgiving, but it really doesn't matter, as it's a terrific scene and testament to a time long gone, but still celebrated in our own time.

Vintage Thanksgiving Card

Great, Hilarious Vintage Thanksgiving Card

I love this vintage Thanksgiving card where the turkey is packed and ready to leave town as Thanksgiving day approaches. Of course the problem he has is, unless he's leaving the country altogether, is he's going to be a possible meal for whatever area of the country he flees to.

Of course none of that matters, it's just a lot of fun. Great Thanksgiving card.

Humorous Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving Cards

Most of us think of Christmas when sending cards, but as you can see, Thanksgiving has been a great time to send cards, and there are a lot of them available for this important time of the year for all Americans.

Maybe this year you'll look for a card to send your loved ones who won't be with you during the Thanksgiving season of whom you won't be able to share a meal with on the special day.


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