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Thanksgiving Photos and Art

Updated on February 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Paintings, Photos and Images

Among these Thanksgiving photos I've included in this article are some classics from Norman Rockwell, along with some images based upon an interpretation of the first Thanksgiving, where Pilgrims and Indians gathered together in celebration of the bountiful harvest they enjoyed.

These Thanksgiving photos and images are all very well done and capture the essence of what Thanksgiving has meant to so many for so long in America.

We don't find a lot of Thanksgiving photos, and so to include them here hopefully is a treat an inspiration for you. It's a good reminder of our roots from long ago where we all thanked God for the bounty that He has bestowed upon us all.

TheThanksgiving photos included here largely focus on that foundational aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday, and are extraordinary works of art on top of that.

Great Thanksgiving Art of Norman Rockwell

This is a great piece of art from American artist Norman Rockwell, and I think displays what everyone wishes and hopes their family Thanksgiving time is and should be. It's wonderful to see the smiling faces of a family that loves one another being expressed in the art.

I'm not being cynical in saying this, as many families include happy and engaging Thanksgiving experiences. It's just that Rockwell in his usual brilliance capture its essence in this great painting.

Thanksgiving Photo of Norman Rockwell Work

First Thanksgiving Photos of Paintings

These next couple of photos are of paintings of the first Thanksgiving, which the spirit of that first celebration is captured extremely well. They are very high quality paintings of the origin of our Thanksgiving tradition in America.

Painting of First Thanksgiving by Jenny A. Brownscombe

First Thanksgiving Painting

Photos of Traditional Thanksgiving Table Settings

The last two Thanksgiving photos of are what a traditional Thanksgiving table setting looks like, and they do look really nice and inviting.

If someone who didn't know what a Thanksgiving table was in America or how it was prepared looks at these Thanksgiving photos, it would definitely give an accurate account of how it is Americans eat on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Place Setting Photo

Photo of Traditional Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving Photos

As you can tell from these Thanksgiving photos, food is a very important part of the celebration, as it reminds us of the bounty and blessings of God upon our lives, and helps us to remember that nothing is certain in life, and we need to be thankful for all that we have.

These great Thanksgiving photos capture the tremendous blessings from the only God there is, the God of Christianity, and reminds us of all that we have to be thankful for.


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      Alexandra 4 years ago

      really wonderful, but not enough pictures