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Top 30 Hilarious ‘Last Night’ messages

Updated on January 25, 2016
The morning after a huge party might not only literally cause headaches...
The morning after a huge party might not only literally cause headaches... | Source

The idea of the hub

Have you ever been to a party that was so unbelievable that the next day you woke up you had some gaps in your memory? Don’t worry, I guess 99% of humanity did, at least once or twice... some people even more times.

Well, these gaps might be pretty worrisome once you realise that certain things are not the way they were or as they are supposed to be. I think we can all agree, that situations like these are usually very funny and we can all learn a lesson from them in the end. Well, the people mentioned in this article most certainly did.

So, in this hub I tried to collect the top 30 most hilarious ‘Last Night’ and ‘Morning After’ messages I could find over Hungarian sites (yep, Hungarians DO like to party) – and I have to admit, writing them down and translating them caused me very amusing hours. I hope you will feel the same reading them - enjoy!

Texting during an intense night might not be a good idea
Texting during an intense night might not be a good idea | Source

The Top 30 most hilarious ‘Last Night’ messages:

1. This morning I got very scared. I had no clue where I was. Not at my girlfriend’s place, not at a friend’s... And then it turned out I was lying in my bed upside down.

2. My mate told me that last night, while we were coming out from the A&E I asked the nurse to pack me some Morphine, just in case...

3. I don’t care where I am, just come for me ASAP!!!

4. A girl told me we should break up... but I don’t even know her!

5. Damn... today morning at 8 a.m. the police woke me up, stating that I have stolen a goose from somewhere. At first I thought they are mistaken, but after a few minutes I realised they aren’t...

6. Who waxed my behind???

7. Do you remember why did we bring the fern and the two bricks onto the 10th floor?

8. I have just sculpted a shot glass out of a potato...

9. Mate last night it was very stupid of you to start skiing in the stairway... but the worst is the ambulance had to take that poor old woman whom you run over to the nuthouse... no one believed her when she told about the hit-and-run skier...

10. Before being able to say ‘I am not that kind of girl’, I was...

11. We were waiting for the first train this morning, but I was so sick I couldn’t stand up, so I was just sitting on the floor in the waiting area. Thought I am the worst around... until a guy went straight to the CLOSED ticket booth, asked for 2 cheeseburgers and turned to me: can I get you anything, mate?

12. Last night I went to the Harvest Festival on foot, and came home this morning with own bicycle... It’s a shame I don’t know how I did this...

13. By the time I've climbed over the fence to get into our garden I realised we don’t even have a garden and I live in a flat.

14. Alcohol didn’t help... I’m in a much worse mood, but now at least I am afraid of clouds and crickets...

15. Well I guess it’s time to go and check Facebook, whether I am still in a relationship or not...

Know where and when to stop - and definitely forget about texting!
Know where and when to stop - and definitely forget about texting! | Source

16. There’s a Ukrainian motorway-vignette superglued to my butt... Mate, what did we do last night?

17. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your message last night, but I was so wasted screen-lock proved to be a real problem...

18. Mate, I won’t make it... I am at the A&E with Z, he superglued his grandma’s denture onto his forehead. He tried to get rid of it, but now the paint thinner got into his eye... And we still haven’t found the parrot... Txt me if you see it! xx

19. Well, the party is getting out of hand here... I have just puked someone on the nape... luckily no one saw who it was, so they are searching for the culprit... and I am helping them!!!

20. My last memory of yesterday’s party is that I went into a store to buy some more booze... this morning I woke up with 140k HUF (~ 620 USD) in my pocket... Help me; I think the police is looking for me! :S

21. I’m sorry that last night you had to listen to me ranting about scientific stuff... I know you hate that. – ANSWER: What are you talking about?! For two whole hours you were sitting on the couch looking at your palms silently until you said: ‘But, how’s that possible?!’ It was hilarious.

22. Last night my mate came into my room and said: ‘You are not drunk enough until you can get up’ and immediately collapsed onto the floor. After a few seconds he stood up and yelled: ‘Well, I’m still not drunk enough’ and rushed out of the room.

23. Do you remember that nice guy who was looking at us last night from the balcony opposite our building? Well, he was still there today... until I realised it’s only a shirt on a hanger.

24. I got into a taxi this morning and asked the driver to bring me to Siófok. He told me to get out because I am waaaaaay too drunk. Then I’ve asked another, and another, and another... each of them shooed me away... so I decided to take a walk... that’s when it turned out I am already at Siófok...

25. I am at some kind of lake... I think it is Lake Balaton... the worst thing is that last night I was studying at Békéscsaba (~330 km away)... and my exam will start in 20 minutes, at the same place... any ideas?

The next morning might be painful, not only literally
The next morning might be painful, not only literally | Source

How to recover from drunk dialing or drunk texting

26. Hi mate; do you have any idea who dropped some kind of bubble bath or washing up liquid into my neighbour’s fountain? Because now there’s foam everywhere, I can’t even see his garage... It was one hell of a party, but I’m sure next time it will be somewhere else :D...

27. Hello mate; do you have any idea where the hell am I? All I remember is I was cleaning naked somewhere in London with some friends for ‘Don’t stop me now’... and now I am on a plane that just landed somewhere, but I don’t know where exactly...

28. After parties, in the morning I always check my pockets whether I have all my stuff, and most importantly, if I still have any money on me... wallet - check, cigarettes – check, lighter – check. Then I realised neither of these things are mine, I don’t know where I am and at some point during the night I might have bought or stolen a car as I had the keys of one...

29. I’ve dozed off on the train. Now I am sitting at a station. The people around me say this is North-Slovakia (~ 300 km away). I don’t believe them. I don’t want to...

30. Well I think last night turned out to be great... I don’t remember a thing and I am at a railway station where most of the people speak German. I’m not sure I will be able to get to work on Monday... – ANSWER: Don’t worry about Monday, today’s Tuesday. Police is already looking for you, your Mom will be proud :D... btw, where the hell are you?

What about you?

Have you ever had a morning like these?

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I hope you have enjoyed the past few minutes reading these messages; that was all for now!

Judging from them, the next time we go for a party it might be a better idea to keep our at least 80% of our sanity and enjoy ourselves less intensely, so our texts won’t end up on a list like this one :).

If you have a funny ‘Last Night’ or ‘Morning After’ text similar to these in your possession, share it with us in the Comment-section below – I would love to learn more from other party-experiences!

Thank you for reading!

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