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Typical Easter Day

Updated on March 27, 2014

The Easter Holidays - A Good Time For A Short Break!

Easter is a bit like Christmas with Good Friday and the Holidays, plus giving presents to friends and family. A typical day would include Breakfast, Church, Lunch, Family games or movies, walks, going out and an evening meal.

  • Did you know?
  1. Good Friday is the day for eating fish!
  2. Easter Sunday is a day for eating Lamb!

The Easter Spring holidays is a time for family's to go away on short breaks, either to the countryside or to the beach

And there are usually a lot of parties on Good Friday and Easter Sunday that you can go to.

You will also find some Easter holiday fairs to go to and also be able to get some good discounts and deals on tourist events, exhibitions and children's activities.

But you will also be able to go to a lot of free kid's events over the Easter Holidays as well. For example, there will be special activities in museums, parks and shopping centers. And there will also be themed Easter pantos and shows as well as free arts and crafts workshops.

For example, there may be an Easter bonnet making workshop in a museum or Easter basket making session in a shopping center. You can usually find the best Easter events by looking on the internet and going through the search results.

You may also want to go away for a short break either with the family or alone. You will be able to get a lot of good Easter holiday deals and to some good resorts or holiday parks.

Traditional Easter bunny with her colorful Easter eggs
Traditional Easter bunny with her colorful Easter eggs

Free Video Guide - Making Your Own Easter Cards

Colorful Painted Eggs

Coloring and painting eggs are a tradition at Easter time.
Coloring and painting eggs are a tradition at Easter time.

Here's How To Paint Your Own Easter Eggs!

Painting eggs in different colors and with different patterns and designs is a tradition over Easter. You can also buy ready made hand painted wooden and porcelain eggs. But if you want to make and decorate your own it is very easy.

All you have to do is the following few steps to create the perfect mixture of Easter eggs.

Boil your eggs until they are hard boiled.

Wait until they cool down, put in a large cup of cold water if you want them to cool down faster.

For painting eggs you will also need to get some food dyes in different colors, some paint brushes and some stencil designs if you want to add a pattern, theme or design over the plain colors.

Then paint your eggs in different colors and leave to dry.

You can decorate them with different designs as well using your stencils or creating your own by hand.

Add the eggs to a decorative bowl or basket and there you have it, handmade colorful Easter eggs!

Your Easter Checklist Table

Easter Crafts
Meal Ideas
Religious Dates
Egg Painting
Roast Lamb + Potatoes
Good Friday Mass
Making Easter Cards
Baked Salmon
Easter Sunday Mass
Making an Easter Basket
Tuna Fish Pasta with Cheese
Midnight Mass

Easter Sweets and Chocolates

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Easter Bunny ChocolatesCute Easter Chick and Bunny Shape Homemade BiscuitsFigs decorated as a bunny and covered with icing
Easter Bunny Chocolates
Easter Bunny Chocolates
Cute Easter Chick and Bunny Shape Homemade Biscuits
Cute Easter Chick and Bunny Shape Homemade Biscuits
Figs decorated as a bunny and covered with icing
Figs decorated as a bunny and covered with icing

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Kid's Easter Crafts

Here are some ideas for children's Easter Arts, Crafts and Activities. You can get your arts and crafts supplies cheaply from art shops and stationers. You can make things like:

  1. Easter Baskets
  2. Peg Dolls
  3. Paper Tulips and Daffodils
  4. Easter Cards
  5. Making felt Easter Bunnies and Chicks

Or why not get your kids involved and take them to some Easter Holiday Arts and Crafts Workshops?

There will be lots of other children there and all the art materials are provided. You can usually find free ones in shopping centers and local playgroups.

Free Video Guides - Easter Crafts

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© 2014 Toya Christie


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 3 years ago from SW England

      I always made Easter eggs for the children until my younger daughter took over that task. My older daughter does an egg-hunt in the garden.

      We always have fish on a Friday (just because it's traditional), as well as hot cross buns - delicious. Then we give Easter eggs on the Sunday.

      For me, it's a time to go out and enjoy the Spring; family walks, maybe a little car ride to somewhere in the country.

      A Simnel cake is also traditional here; I made one once and it's quite fiddly but looks great when finished and iced, with a marzipan ball for each disciple arranged round the top.

      Spring is the best time of year so I love Easter.

      Interesting hub. Ann