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Gut Feeling

Updated on November 19, 2010

In this rat race we are running; little do we pause and ponder on what is going on within us. We just go with our gut feeling which is usually to crush the other one in our race and move ahead. Sure, going by our Guts make us bold and confident and when we achieve success we are proud of ourselves since, we went with what our Gut told us to do.

What is Gut? Gut is our intestine. Gut feeling is the emotional reaction to something which usually happens at the spur of the moment and if we do not react at that moment that feeling dies.We have stopped thinking from our brain and heart. We usually react to things at the spur of the moment and do what our guts tell us to do. This Gut has put our nation into the Gutter and we all are suffering from it.

I only wish we react like sensible and mature adults who pause and think before reacting to anything. Our body has this magnificent thing called BRAIN and we should use it. This Brain has been taught to discriminate between right and wrong, between war and peace, between happiness and sorrow, between all good things that exist on this planet versus the evil things that are happening behind closed doors and we all are aware of but, sometimes even our Guts does not allow us to go there.

Let us try to weigh the options of using our BRAINS versus our GUTS....Using our brains will usually help us make the right choice and we could definitely be in a much sounder and safer position today as what we are today since we all have been using our GUTs. If someone hits us, our gut feeling tells us to hit them back. If someone uses trash language, we use it as well and show them what we are made of. Had we used our brains, we could assess the situation as to why he hit us and if we could not think of any valid reason before we raise our hand or our weapon, we could think of the consequences. This pause in our action before we react could bring a revolution on our planet and what would be it's end product?


PEACE is defined as a state of mind where there is no stress and no worries. Humans have progressed so much and made millions but unfortunately this adjective could not be bought by any. Peace has to be attained from within but cannot be bought since it is never for sale. Peace comes when we use our brains since only our brains are programmed to teach us what is wrong and what is right.

This planet is in shambles because of man's lack of judgement and lack of love and respect for others. We are always on the look out for ourselves and this has resulted in Global Warming, Bad policies around the world, Global Debt and the list is endless.

What have we done for our children? Besides giving them birth and education and good of everything from our hard earned money. What is their future? We have put their future in risk by using up the natural resources, by putting them in trillion of dollars national debt amidst the pollution which has triggered so many diseases that their names are mindblowing. We sure have invented gadgets to prolong our lives but we have also given birth to many diseases and sorrow and tears. All because we are used to reacting at the spur of the moment and not trained to pause and think and then act. Our Children are watching us and adapting this vicious cycle of using their Guts instead of their brains and unfortunately this trend will continue IF WE do not put a STOP to this.

Let the feeling of PEACE always prevail amongst people before they make their MOVE!

Peace should be the MANTRA of everyday and every move we make. That will help us attain this quality within us.

Let the feeling of PEACE always prevail amongst people before they make their MOVE!
Let the feeling of PEACE always prevail amongst people before they make their MOVE!

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