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Your Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

Updated on December 15, 2015
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Hi My names Toya. I live in London UK and am working online selling products, blogging and writing reviews and articles like at Hub Pages.

An Easy Way To Make Your Cards

  1. Get some metallic or plain colored card, A4 size
  2. Download your card pictures from the Internet
  3. Fold your card in half.
  4. Stick the pictures on the front of the card
  5. Print out your inside message
  6. Stick on the inside of the card
  7. That's It! A simple and quick way to make a Christmas Card
  8. Instead of downloading your pictures from the web you could either create a collage from cut out magazine pictures or dew your own.
  9. To make your cards look more professional cover your finished card with laminate paper which you can buy from most stationers

An Idea For Making Your Own Photo Card

You can find all kinds of pictures, photos and Christmas art for free online just by doing a Google Search. If you want to you can make a personalized photo card by using one of your own favorite photos as the outside cover of your card.

Here's a way to make a Christmas Photo Card:

Get an A4 piece of metallic card, fold it in half vertically or horizontally.

Stick your photo in the middle of the outside of the card.

Stick some pictures of holly or small stars around the outside corners of the photo to give a frame like effect.

Then you can also cover the outside of your card with some laminating paper to keep it from scratching or tearing.

Open the inside of the card and stick either the words Seasons Greetings or Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays in decorative writing. You can usually download messages in nice writing from the internet for free as well.

Checklist for Making Christmas Cards

Materials Needed
Essential Extras
Know How
Colored or Metallic Card
Sticky Tape
Access to a Computer
Christmas Themed Photos
Access To a Printer
Christmas Messages
Use a table as your workspace

Quick Way Of Making Gift Tags!

What about your Gift Tags?

You can print out your own gift tags in the same way as you would print out sticky address labels. If you find some nice artwork you like and download it from the internet it is a really easy and quick way of making your own gift tags.

Open up your Microsoft Word or word processing document.

Insert your gift tag picture into it.

Then click on print and choose print like a label and 6 or 8 pictures will come up for printing.

Thew other way to do it is to click on page setup and click on the one for labels. This should divide your page into 6 - 8 sections so that you can copy and paste your different labels ready for printing.

Put your label paper in the printer and print out.

It's that easy and quick to do.

How to make your own gift tags for Christmas

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