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What is the best birthday present you have received from your parent as an adult child?

I have an only child, a grown-up daughter, and am at a loss this year for what to get her. We can afford something big this year (about $200). She's an actress, comedian, and singer, so she'd rather be performing than seeing performances, so tickets to plays, etc. are out. Perhaps you have had a memorable gift from your mother or father that you think someone in their late 30s might like. She doesn't have children, so things to help moms out would be out. Ideally, she'd like a great agent, but I can't get her that. I've written her poems in the past, but I'm at a loss this year.


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LongTimeMother says

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3 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 3 years ago

    LTM, I looked up poi, but the definition doesn't fit. I'd love to find out what exactly you had in mind. Thanks so much for responding.