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Christmas Lights Which Use Batteries

Updated on August 24, 2015

Uses for Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

You may wonder why someone would want to use battery operated Christmas lights, but there are actually a number of reasons why they work great.

First of all, we have to get out of our minds the idea that a Christmas light is only a string of lights to see the value of battery-powered Christmas lights.

For example, how many lighted candles that are placed in strategic places around the house look great, but you don't see a cord connected to them? That's because they work far better with a battery in this case than an electric plug in. You can of course apply this to many types of Christmas lights, although you can use a string of battery operated Christmas lights if you choose to, although they will have a similar look to those plugged into the eclectric sockets.

So when would a situation arise where a battery powered set of lights would be appropriate? Think of when you may want to rent a place or go somewhere for a party of even that doesn't include Christmas lights as part of the package, or possibly your rental is only for a few short hours so you don't want to take that long to set up to only have to take it down right afterwards.

In that case using battery-powered lights is a great option. And as mentioned, being able to place lights in places where cords would have a hard time reaching or would be and look intrusive, battery-powered lights would work well.

Battery Candle Christmas Lights

First we'll look at a variety of candle lights operated by batteries, to give you an idea of what's out there. There are a variety of looks, like the large photo below, which includes a flickering of the light to simulate a real candle, which users say is very realistic and pleasing to the eye.

The tealights below also offer a flickering look for realism.

As with all battery lights, it's the flexibility of placement which makes them so attractive to use, and these below would fit great in a number of strategic places in your home.

Battery Operated Candle Lights

Battery Operated Stocking with Light

What a delight to surprise your children or grandchildren with this great looking Christmas stocking with lights run by batteries. You can hide or place it anywhere you want and watch the faces of children who are fascinated and surprised by the lighted Christmas stocking when they discover it.

Bucilla Christmas Battery Light Stocking

Christmas Wreaths Lighted by Batteries

With placement being flexible and no need to be connected to electric cords, battery-operated Christmas wreaths can be a great addition to your Christmas décor, as you can place them were you want without concern over the length of cords, etc. From there you can then flick on the switch to turn them on whenever you are expecting guests, to welcome them into your home and promise a festive time.

Battery Lighted Cranberry Wreath

Miniature Christmas Trees with Battery Lights

What makes these little battery lighted trees so nice is they could be placed on the side of any sidewalk or entryway leading into the house to present that neat look of welcome they represent so well. You could of course put them them in any strategic place of your choosing because of the flexibility battery-operated lights offer. They also last a long time as well.

Battery Lighted Miniature Christmas Trees

Red Battery Run Christmas Lights

These string lights run by batteries are another great addition to your Christmas light decorations. They look great, as you can see below, and really have a nice shape of them. The string lights are also LED, and so will shine brightly while lasting a long time with their batteries.

Battery Christmas Lights Work Almost Anywhere

Another practice battery operated lights can be used for is when you want to wear them on your person as part of a Christmas costume. A lighted up Christmas costume is a lot of fun, but is impossible to do if you had to have electric cords connected to them.

Other places that battery powered Christmas lights work well are on window sills and flat places in the house like a fireplace or possibly book shelf you want to use for the purpose of Christmas decorations.

If you need a little bit longer Christmas battery-operated lights, you can think in terms of LED lights for that purpose.


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