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Bear Costume - Cute Bear Costumes For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 25, 2011

A Bear Costume Is Cute!

Here's a great selection of cute bear costumes for kids and adults, this is an excellent costume choice for any party. Soft, comfortable and easy to wear, a bear costume is a cute, cuddly one that is sure to make people want to stroke you!

There's a few different kinds of bear costume, the typically cute ones for kids and adults, a scary bear costume for adults and some cute, feminine teddy bear costumes in dress form for women and girls.

See below for all the bear costume designs available for adults and kids. This is a real stand out costume theme that is sure to be a hit at any party! These are real easy to wear costumes that you can party the night away in.

Bear Costume For Kids

These are adorable, cute, cuddly and fun bear costumes for kids.

Coming in romper / jumpsuit form (easy to wear dress form for the older girls), these are really comfortable, easy to wear costumes that kids will love wearing.

Get your cameras at the ready, choosing a bear costume is a super cute look for any child. It's a costume that is sure to create cuddles!

These soft plush bear costumes are an adorable look that is sure to have your child at the center of attention at any party.

There's lots of different bear costume designs to choose from, at affordable prices, so there's a bear costume for all budgets.

If you want a real stand out kids costumes this is an excellent choice. A bear costume is a really cute and fun costume that's easy to wear and comfortable. Kids won't want to take them off!

This is an ideal costume choice for any dress up box. If you don't see the correct size you want listed, go through to the product page or pages for a design and see the other sizing options. There's a bear costume to fit kids of all ages.

See below for the adult bear costume choices.

Bear Costume For Adults

These bear costumes are real stand out designs that are easy to wear. Perfect for any party, there's a great selection of bear costumes for adults. You can choose from the cute look, the scary bear look, or the sexy version for women.

The first bear costume listed comes in two pieces, the soft, plushy jumpsuit and the plushy headpiece.

The second bear costume listed in a three piece costume. It's comes as a soft, plushy jumpsuit with attached mittens, plushy teddy bear feet and a plushy headpiece.

The third is a soft jumpsuit with headpiece.

The forth bear costume listed is the scary bear, it's comes as a cut off plushy jumpsuit with attached black claws and a plushy headpiece.

The fifth is a teddy bear costume that comes as a soft plushy jumpsuit with mittens, feet and a plushy headpiece.

The sixth, the Fozzie Bear costume comes as a plush shirt, tie, plushy gloves and a plastic half mask.

The seventh, the Yogi Bear costume comes as a plushy jumpsuit with attached tie, plushy mittens, plushy feet and a plushy headpiece.

The eighth bear costume listed, the Huggy Bear comes as a plushy jumpsuit, mittens, shoe covers and plushy headpiece.

The first of the women's bear costumes is a plusy short dress with bow details, plushy sleeves, a bow tie for the neck and plusy bear ears.

The second of the women's bear costumes comes as a short hooded dress with attached ears, plushy boot covers and plushy gloves.

No matter what design you go for, you can be sure that these are stand out bear costume designs that are going to get you noticed!


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