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Burger Costumes - Fun Hamburger Costumes For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 26, 2011

Party In A Burger Costume!

Here's a fun selection of burger costumes for kids and adults to choose from. If you want a seriously fun costume, theses are the ones to go for. A burger costume is a great choice, it's fun, colorful and is sure to get you noticed! How could you possibly go unnoticed dressed as a burger?!

Below is a cute selection of burger costumes to choose from, they're easy to wear and fun for any party. If you want to stand out from the crowd this is a great costume choice to make.

If you want a costume that's comfortable, colorful and fun, a burger costume is a great choice, see below for the amusing selection below for both kids and adults.

Burger Costume - Kids

These are really cute costume choices for kids, they'll just love dressing as up as a burger!

These burger costumes are made from soft materials, so are comfortable to wear, you simply slide them over a childs head and fasten the front to the back with the straps. Much like a sandwich board, but much more squishy!

Burger Costume - Adults

There's not a great selection of burger costumes for adults, but the one that is available is pretty darn cool. You get a bun with cheese, lettuce and tomato, you'll be looking good enough to eat!

Just like the kids versions, it hangs like a sandwich board so it's really easy to wear and quick to get on and off.

There's also hamburger hats available, so if you don't feel like wearing a full costume, they're a cool alternative.

If you happen to be looking for costumes for couples, teaming the fries costume with the burger would look great.

These are really fun costume ideas that will go down great at any party!

Ketchup and Mustard Costumes

Something else that would go great with a burger costume are the ketchup and mustard sauce bottle costumes, they come in sizes for both kids and adults and would make a great addition.

These are really simple, but fun costumes that simply slide over the head and you're ready!

If you really wanted to make an impact at a family fancy dress party, mom and dad coul go as the bruger and fries and the kids could go as ketchup and mustard, it's a cute theme.

These are all great costumes that will definitely provide lots of smiles and laughs at any party.

Burger King Costume

If you want to be the King of burgers here's the costume for you!

Please note that the full Burger King costume is made up of the mask, robe with attached shirt and medallion. The shoes and stocking are not included.


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