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Hot Dog Costumes - Fun Hot Dog Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Hot Dog Costumes Are Cool!

Here's a great selection of hot dog costumes for kids, adults and dogs! These are real fun fancy dress costumes that are sure to get you noticed at any party. You'll look good enough to eat!

What's great about these hot dog costumes is that they are one pieces, for the human ones you simply slide them over your head and hey, in seconds you're a hot dog! For the doggy variety you simply place on their back and secure with straps. Easy!

See below for the different hot dog costumes available, there's different sections for kids, adults and dogs. These are really fun costumes that come with affordable price tags, who wants to be a hot dog?!

Hot Dog Costumes For Kids

How cute? So, so cute! These hot dog costumes for kids are great pieces of fancy dress and as mentioned above they're one piece costumes so getting in and out of them will be quick and easy.

The baby hot dog costume goes on at the front, putting arms and face through the holes, then securing with velcro fasteners at the back.

The child and teenage hot dog costumes simply slide over the head.

These are affordable kids costumes that are fun and easy to wear.

What kid wouldn't want to be a hot dog!

Hot Dog Costumes For Adults

If you want to get yourself noticed, get one of these! Seriously, how can you not stand out dressed as a hot dog?!

You don't even have to get a costume, you may choose just a hat, either way you're going to get noticed!

Hot dog, bun, mustard, you'll be looking good enough to eat!

These hog dog costumes are a really fast and easy way to have full fancy dress on in seconds. Plus, they're a really affordable costume choice that looks fun.

If it's a simple but amusing costume you are looking for, these are the ones to go for.

Hot Dog Costumes For Dogs

If you are looking for a hot dog cosume for your dog these listed to the right are the best of the bunch from Amazon.

They're easy to put on thanks to velcro straps, they are really affordable, but most of all they look so cool in a real fun way.

Don't worry about the size you want not being listed in the design you want, once you go through to the Amazon product page, different sizes in each design are listed.

There's a hot dog dog costume for all sized dogs!

If you love dressing your dogs, these are great costumes to have some fun with. You'll be sure to get some smiles from these.

As you can see, there are hot dog costumes for all the family, have fun!


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