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Pizza Costume - Fun Pizza Costumes for Kids and Adults

Updated on August 25, 2011

Choosing A Pizza Costume

If you are looking for a pizza costume, here's a fun selection for both kids and adults. You want a pizza the fancy dress action?! Look no further! Below you will find the perfect pizza costume for your party.

Everyone loves food, pretty much everyone loves pizza, so naturally, you want to dress as pizza pie to get the most attention! There's different versions to choose from, for kids, different pizza slice costumes with different toppings, for adults there's pizza slice costumes, whole pizza costumes and pizza hats. Spoilt for choice huh?!

Go forth and choose you pizza costume, you'll be looking good enough to eat as soon as you slip it on!

Kids Pizza Costumes

How adorable, little ones running around as pizza slices, it's a cute scene. There's even a pizza slice costume for a baby, it's sure to get some awwwwwwww's.

These are great costumes for kids (and adults), they're super easy to put on, you simply slide the costume over their head, and because they're made from foam, they're really comfy to wear too.

For the baby pizza costume you simply slide the baby into the pizza slice.

These are great fancy dress costumes that are sure to provide lots of fun and laughs.

Adult Pizza Costumes

Fancy dress is fun as a whole, but dressing up as a pizza gets extra fun points because it's just so funny.

Adults get more choices than kids in the pizza costume department, you can go for the full on pizza pie look, the pizza slice, or you can choose a pizza hat. I'd personally choose the hat as well as the full costume because let's face it, you can never have enough pizza!

(Please note that the chefs hat in the first listing does NOT come with the costume - just a heads up, the pizza hat is way cooler anyway!)

Like the kids pizza costumes, the adult ones are worn the same way, they simply slide over the head and hey look, you're a pizza, transformed in seconds! If you want a really easy to wear fancy dress costume these's are the ones to go for. There's not loads of different things to have to put on and then take off, a pizza costume is on and off in a couple of seconds. Especially great if you happen to hook up with another pizza while you're out!

These are fun, striking, affordable and easy to wear, it's a stand out costume that will definitely get you noticed!


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