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Candy Corn Costumes - Cute Candy Corn Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Candy Corn Costumes Are Cute!

Here's a cute selection of candy corn costumes for kids, adults and dogs. These are stand out costumes that are bold, bright and sure to get you noticed! This is a great costume choice that comes in two forms, the candy corn candy costume, or the candy corn witch costume, both of which are listed below.

If you want an attention grabbing costume this Halloween, a candy corn costume is a vibrant choice to go for. These are easy to wear, comfortable costumes that will have you ready to party in no time at all.

See below for the cute candy corn costumes for kids adults and dogs. This is a great costume choice to have in any dressing up box!

Candy Corn Costumes For Kids

These candy corn costumes are great for kids and they come in sizes to fit newborns up to teens.

What little one wouldn't want to dress up as candy corn, it's a cute costume that is sure to make them the center of attention whilst trick or treating.

These candy corn costumes come in bunting form for babies, tunic and dress for for toddlers and older children.

This is a colorful costume that kids will love wearing, a great addition to any dress up box.

You can choose from the candy corn candy costumes or the candy corm witch costumes, both are equally fun and noticeable.

This is a stand out costume choice for any child, a really cute look that is sure to get them noticed.

If you don't see the exact size you require in a particular size, go through to the product pages where there are more size options available.

Candy corn costumes are fun, they're cute and they work great for kids of all ages. This is a really easy costume choice that will look great for halloween and beyond.

Kids will love dressing up as candy corn, it's a colorful costume choice that will gets lots of attention. These are really easy to wear costumes that are comfortable and cute.

There's candy costumes for adults and dogs below, a great family costume theme for any halloween parties or activities.

Candy Corn Costumes For Adults

You can go for cute or sexy here.

The candy corn candy costume is unisex, it comes in tunic form that's a fabric covered foam suit and a white hat. This is a really easy to wear comfortable costume choice that's great for men or women. The added bonus here is that if you overindulge in too many creepy cocktails or scary shots and need a lie down, this costume will work well as a sleeping bag! A brilliant costume choice for this halloween.

The sexy side comes in candy corn witch costume form. This is a racy costume choice that works well with any figure.

Candy Corn Costumes For Dogs

No member of the family is left out in this costume theme. Here's a cute selection of candy corn costumes for dogs.

For more size options go through to the product pages where there are sizes to fit all breeds.

This is a really cute costume choice for any dog. Get the whole family into the halloween spirit of fun and frolics with these excellent costume choices!


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