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Monster High Abbey Bominable Costume

Updated on September 16, 2014

Abbey Bominable Costume for Cosplay

Monster High makes it easy to portray your favorite Monster High ghoul Abbey Bominable with a selection of officially licensed Monster High Abbey Bominable Costumes.

Currently there are two Abbey Bominable costume ideas. Dress up in Abbey's signature style or explore the Dot Dead Gorgeous Abbey Bominable costume inspired by the Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous doll line.

Find costume advice and suggestions to create an icy Abbey Bominable costume look for you next party.

Photo Credit: Monster High Abbey Bominable Costume Makeup Kit available from

Abbey Bominable Costume Inspiration - Monster High Costume Idea

Abbey Bominable is a Monster High doll and character. She is the daughter of the Yeti and has the power to turn things to ice.

An Abbey Bominable costume based on her signature look will focus on a black and white fur trimmed dress. The costume wlll also have fur trimmed boots.

Abbey is unique with blue sparkling skin. Her hair is white as snow with blue and pink streaks running throughout her head. To get the Abbey Bominable hair style you can spray your hair white with some blue and pink streaks, spray paint an inexpensive white wig with blue and pink hair spray or purchase an officially licensed Monster High Abbey Bominable doll.

Photo Credit: Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll With Pet Wooly Mammoth Named Shivver available from

Will you make the Abbey Bominable Transformation? - Monster High Costume Poll

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Abbey Bominable Costume - Monster High Costumes

Child Monster High Abbey Bominable Costume

Mattel and Monster High have put together an official Abbey Bominable costume. This is based on the Abbey Bominable basic doll wardrobe. The costume will feature a fur trimmed dress. It is accented with white fur trimmed arm and leg warmers.

Pictured Costume Wig is sold separately.

Price $24.97

Abbey Bominable Costume Wig - Get the look

Child Monster High Abbey Bominable Wig

Get the Abbey Bominable hairstyle instantly be donning an official Monster High licensed wig.

The Abbey Bominable wig featuresa white wig with blue and pink streaks.

Price $14.97

Abbey Bominable Make-up Tips - Monster High Make-Up Tutorial

Want to create an Abbey Bominable costume look from head to toe? Do not forget to finish off your costume with Abbey's blue sparkling complexion. Emma shows you how to get the Abbey Bominable look to make your costume stand out among the crowd.

More than One Abbey

What is great about Monster High is that there are many different characters you could be for Halloween. If you plan on going out as a group this is very convient, Even if you and a friend do what to be the same character you can go for two completely different looks. For instance Abbey has two official costumes on sale: her signature look and her Dot Dead Gorgeous look. You could even choose to pick a different version of the Abbey doll to emulate and put together your own costume. This opens the door for many more diverse Abbey Bominable costumes.

The second official version of Abbey Bominable costume is based on her doll from the Dot Dead Gorgeous line of dolls which features a short dress in pink and blue. The polka dots reflect a winter theme and appear as a snowflake pattern. The belt gives the appearance of icicles which reinforce the idea of the monster being able to freeze things around her.

Changing Abbey's Hair

If you want to dress up as the Dot Dead Gorgeous doll version you will not be able to find an official costume wig. You can revamp the other wig or recreate the look yourself with an altered cheap wig or by coloring your own hair with colored spray. If you choose that route you will want to make sure that you put something over your clothes or costume to protect from getting colored.To finish off the costume you will need to pull your hair back into a pony tail.

Costume Ideas for the Yeti

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