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Buy Disney Pooh And Other Plush Toys

Updated on March 15, 2011
Pooh plush
Pooh plush

Disney Plush Toys

There is something about a Disney plush toy that will always be an ageless and timeless gift.  Whether you are a small child or a grown up collector, these adorable stuffed characters have the magic of putting a smile on your face.

Children are always delighted and mesmerized by Walt Disney World or a visit to the Disney Store so buying a Disney plush toy for a Christmas or birthday gift is sure to please. When my kids were small, we could spend hours in the Disney Store without them getting bored.  I also remember loving to watch all of the kids at the stores in Disney World and at Disney Land.  The big smiles and squeals of delight with each discovery of a new character were so much fun to watch.

The many classic versions of the characters are also irresistable for the bigger kids or collectors.  You just can't resist the lovable Disney characters in their soft and cuddly forms.

I have found some of the more popular characters in both the modern version and the classic version at discounted prices. You can shop from my list of these adorable characters on-line, at the ease of your fingertips, and save yourself from the crowded stores.

The video below highlights one child's collection of Disney plush. You can see how lovable all of the different characters are. It's obvious, from the video, that a collection of Disney characters is treasured for years.

Disney Plush Toys On Display

Buy Pooh Plush

No other character is more lovable than Winnie The Pooh, in my opinion. It's hard to resist that fat little tummy and the sweet little grin. Teddy bears in general are just known to be cuddly.

The classic Pooh is nice for collectors but would also be adorable in a nursery and would make a nice baby shower gift for an expectant mother.  I had a classic Winnie The Pooh stories book for my kids that would have paired very nicely with this.

The softer cuddly Pooh is great for a young toddler especially to carry around and sleep with. It's body is soft and loose for ease in grabbing on to, unlike a traditional stuffed toy which can be too bulky.

Any child would love to play with the adorable set of three buddies. Pooh, Tigger and Piglet are the most popular of all the Pooh characters. Owning the set allows for some interactive play.

Buy Dumbo Plush

Who can resist those big ole ears?  Kids love to flap them.  It's what makes Dumbo so desirable.  Disney has also come up with a special allergy friendly line for their plush. Now kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to can snuggle up with their favorite Disney character can enjoy all the snuggling they want to.

Not only are the plush characters cute, but your own adorable child can be even more adorable in a Disney plush costume. This Dumbo costume would be perfect on Halloween and would keep your child nice and toasty as well!  In fact, it would be cute to bundle them up in that any day that it is cold.

The mini bean bag plush toys are fun to carry around and collect. Because they are small they are easy to store and easy to take two or three on a special outing.  Kids love having little "friends" to take with them places and it works out great for entertaining them when traveling.

Buy Disney Eeyore Plush

Poor Eeyore is always down in the dumps. He needs a child to help brighten his day. Whether you go with the traditional Eeyore or the classic style, he is sure to bring a smile to a child's face. Who wouldn't want to snuggle Eeyore and try to make him feel better?

The Big Hugs Eeyore is a nice big size to hug and lean on. He is great to lend support when the chips are down!  Another advantage to the big size is for decorating a child's room or nursery.  A big Eeyore sitting in a chair in a corner would be adorable.

Buy Toy Story Plush

 Toy Story was a very popular movie with Disney so naturally kids would be delighted to have some of the characters in a soft cuddly form.

Woody was one of the character favorites and teaming him up with Jessie and his horse is a perfect combination for fun.

Because the characters are plush, they are ideal for a younger child who may not be ready for some of the smaller and harder action figures.

Buy Jiminy Cricket Plush

My personal favorite disney character is Jiminy Cricket. I'm not sure why accept that I just can't resist his cute little face.

My kids have a collection of Disney plush and this is one that I have tried to steal for myself. When my daughter moved out of the house, I thought it was my chance to have Jiminy all to myself. But no, she requested that I ship him to New York to live with her. I tried to talk her into another character but she had to have Jiminy! I guess I'll have to buy my own.

For the cat lover, Figaro is awfully cute too. Those sweet big eyes are begging for a hug!  Cats are a popular stuffed toy anyway among kids, especially if they want or have a pet cat.

Pinnochio is a popular Disney classic and his character is just fun.  The story of his nose growing when he tells a lie is funny for kids.  He may be especially popular among boys as kind of a buddy.


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    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Deborrah, I'm looking forward to having grandchildren to share all of our great Disney characters with :)!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago

      SongBird, Wonderful suggestions! I did the playroom for my grandchildren in a disney theme a they loved it! You can always add to it. You are right "The Disney characters are treasured for years..." Thank you for sharing, Blessings!