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Buy Brio Toy Trains

Updated on April 21, 2010
Brio Trains
Brio Trains

Brio Trains

Brio trains make a special Christmas or birthday gift just right for a curious preschooler or older child. The trains encourage hand eye coordination and the mastering of small movements. Putting the tracks together and controlling the train teach an awareness of cause an effect making brio trains not only fun but educational.

Since there are many different brio tracks and train cars, there are always options and ideas for additional gifts in the future. A child can continue building on the track for many years. There are also accessories for settings and train table sets that give the complete package a showcase finished look.

With the high quality craftsmanship that Brio trains are made with, the trains will last for years and years. This is a perfect toy to save for grandchildren.  Watch the video below to see a full train set in action.  You can see just how cute and exciting for a child it can be.

Brio Wooden Train Movie

Buy Brio Train Sets

A fun set to buy at Christmas time is the Polar Express train set.  This train goes on a magical journey to the North Pole.  The set can be combined with any Brio train set for expandable fun.  This set does tend to sell out quickly for the holidays.

The accessories just add to the overall theme and celebration making it truly magical.

Brio Train Sets

For kids, ages three and up, this train set is a great starter. It's simple design and battery operated engine make it easy for play. The train has the ability to go both forward and backward.

Buy Brio Engine

This two-way battery powered engine goes both forward and reverse and can pull about five cars. If your child would prefer not to push a train around the track then a battery powered train will fit the bill.

To go along with a battery powered train is the Brio Grand Roundhouse or Brio Engine Shed to store the engines.  The Roundhouse has room for up to five trains or ten vehicles and includes a five way switch.  It has sliding rear doors and front stall doors.  The Engine Shed with built in track stores two engines and includes the switching track.

The classic engine is a good push engine to start with. Most kids like to be involved with the trains. Instead of just watching the train go around the track, they want to be pushing and controlling the train. Your child will have fun pushing this one around the track. He can add as many wagons as he wants, the power of the engine depends on his pushing and pulling giving him complete control of the outcome.

Buy Brio Wagons

Adding the wagons or cars to the engine are what is fun and becomes a collection for your child to enjoy throughout the years. All of the different colors and designs are sure to keep your child interested and intrigued.

The gift ideas are endless, not only for you but for other family members. Grandparents and aunts and uncles will all appreciate knowing what to give your child for a gift. Maybe your child receives two or three for Christmas and then another one for a birthday. Imagine the fun of being able to continually add on to the set.

If your child has a particular interest in safari animals one year, you could concentrate on wagons with safari animals such as the zebra.  Brio has all kinds of different varieties.

Or, if your child is into farming, go with the cattle wagon and the milk truck. You could fill the loads wagons with jelly beans or other candy for an extra special birthday surprise. That would be sure to make a happy delivery!

Brio is constantly coming out with new designs so there is never a loss for something to buy. The set can be passed down from one child to another and then to one grandchild after another!

Buy Brio Tracks

Here are all the tracks you need to start building an awesome set. The more sets you buy the more design possibilities you have.

These tracks are the basics for straight aways, curves and some ascending hills.  The doubles suspension bridge allows the train to be driven right underneath.  The bridge supports are built right in.

Mechanical switches are ideal to use with the battery powered engine.  Just change the train's direction by using the lever.  It works with any Brio track.

The stacking track supports allow your child to build bridges and tunnels by placing the track underneath the supports.  This adds another dimension of creative play.

Of course no train set is complete without a train signal.  The magnetic signal changes automatically when the train passes by.  There are no batteries required!

Brio Train Table

 A Brio Train Table provides a great base for setting up a railroad system.  It also makes it easy to slide the train out of the way when not in use. 

Kids will find it easier to access the train at a height above the floor level.  This also keeps the track from getting damaged and dirty.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The train tables are great for us "old gals" too. I can spend a lot more time playing with my grandson now that his trains are off the floor.

    • Song-Bird profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Hanlon 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      I hear you about the train tables "oldguy"'s a much easier way to enjoy playing with those train sets!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Loved the video, great job. I love brio's train tables, for us old guys it's nice to get off the floor, even a few feet.

    • profile image

      train sets 

      8 years ago

      I like the movie showing the use of building bricks to create elevated sections of train track. Nice hub.


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