Part two: his 77th birthday birthday. Our first one without him.

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  1. Steven Miguel profile image61
    Steven Miguelposted 4 years ago

    Well, let's get right to it. He ended up meeting the man for the position. Once he established a nice bit of cash for himself he ended up trying to gain his citizenship. He started studying (keep in mind he only went to school until first grade and had to start working to help the family strive.

    Years later he takes the test and passes. Months of paperwork later he becomes a citizen of the United States. Thanks Clinton! After he built himself legally, he started building a family and eventually being the cause of three generations of beings just because of him.

    Some other amazing feats in his life:

    Quit smoking one hot summer day in his back porch in Chicago. Having been a smoker almost all his life he finally quit as he look down at the pack and said: " what am I doing?" Then threw the pack away and moved on from it for the rest of his life.
    Pretty amazing I might say.

    It will be a year next month that he passed. This was the first birthday without him. It was pretty rough on my mother. She was in love with this man. So was I, he was amazing in every way. So considerate of everyone. Sometimes, he only put everyone else in priority. Never worrying about himself because he thought if he could give, why not give. So he did and his funeral we shared tons and tons of fond memories. It was really beautiful but very hard to see him lye there motionless. He just looked well rested, which was good to see after seeing him deteriorate day after day in hospital and at his house. Someone was always having to look after him. He couldn't even do a single push up anymore.

    He had colon cancer at first. Then, there was treatment to help with the cancer. Couldn't do radiation because the old bull had a pacer. Because he had a heart attack before. Years later needs to get his pace makers battery replaced and well. They opened him up and immediately has three strokes. They close him up because it's causing too much damage. He woke up and the left side of his face was paralyzed. Once someone was able to see him, he stated that he seen his mother. He passed and came back to life. There's a dream that feels so real in the afterlife. That's what it looks like from what he told my mother.

    Ever since those strokes, it went downhill. Took some time but the inevitable occurred. He was wearing away and everyone could see it. Could barely speak anymore and his movements were extremely limited. Was on an air machine that he couldn't even put on and take off himself. He was only allowed to eat extremely soft foods similar to the style of baby food.

    I hated seeing him like this. He knew he was weak from the physical toll  and he wanted to die. I couldn't stand see him so weak. After seeing him year after year being such a strong man. He called my mothers 4 sons the Spanish version of the word Lion which is lèon. I miss him so much.

    My mom looks like she is getting weaker everyday. It's so sad to see. I want to help but I just don't know how just yet. It's difficult to try and help. I don't know where I would start, her husband has made her life so hard to deal with at times, she feels as if her family does not appreciate her anymore, she is losing control of many external factors, she has nothing to her name other than her jewelry.

    I had to push her to get a job because I wanted her to get her foot in the door. At least have something in her pocket for later down the road.

    How do I help her cope with her dead father my resting grandfather. I miss him a lot and gained a bit of weight from when he passed. I have a photo and this was a near death photo within at least a month or two. He stood strong for those he didn't want to look weak in front of. This photo was one of them. He stood strong for his daughters but sometimes I would see his tears behind those eyes.

    I wish I could of helped him somehow.

    I miss him...
    My first year without him starting next month from today.

    1. Kathryn L Hill profile image78
      Kathryn L Hillposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      You come from a tradition of sincerity. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Steven Miguel profile image61
    Steven Miguelposted 4 years ago

    Thank you here is also a photo that I was going to post up.

    He was my hero and my super hero. Life changed drastically when he left.

  3. Steven Miguel profile image61
    Steven Miguelposted 4 years ago



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