The best menu for christmas dinner

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    Helen Caterposted 8 years ago

    The best menu for christmas dinner

    This year I have to cook christmas dinner for the family, and need some help with the menu. Traditional is good but something with a twist would be great.

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    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    Guinness Soup;
    Guinness Mashed Potatoes, with Guinness Turkey and Guinness Green Bean Casserole;
    Guinness Icecream.

    Hmmm I'm fixated with Guinness eh! LOL I'm still in the Guinness Recipe Mode!

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    lrohnerposted 8 years ago

    I don't know what's traditional for you. Some people I know do turkey, some roast beef and some ham. But how about one of these menus? (Email me if you want any of the recipes...) I've served all of these menus at one time or another. The first one is delicious, but not much can be made ahead. If your family is the kind that congregates in the kitchen and helps out, then you can pull it off. Some of these dishes may sound intimidating, but trust me -- the most difficult recipe is Martha Stewart's potato & onion tartes tartin -- and that's not even too hard!

    Appetizer: Chilled lobster cocktail w/ lemon-truffle aioli
    Salad: Pear and mixed baby green salad with blue cheese & walnuts
    Main: Standing rib roast
    Sides: Chateaubriand sauce for the roast (or asst of flavored butters)
              Yorkshire pudding or popovers
              Mushroom or sun-dried tomato risotto (or garlic mashed)
              Roasted asparagus with balsamic butter
              Assortment of roasted root vegetables with herbs
    Dessert:  Pumpkin cheesecake
                  Truffle assortment


    Appetizer: Pan-seared scallops with tarragon butter
    Soup: Roasted red pepper soup or acorn squash bisque
    Main: Stuffed crown pork roast
    Sides: Roasted new potatoes, carrots & onions
              Spinach sauteed with garlic
              Haricots vert Lyonnaise
              Parker House rolls
    Dessert:  Rustic apple-cranberry tarts
                  Pumpkin tiramisu


    Appetizer: Shrimp Ceviche
    Salad: Traditional Caesar salad
    Main:  Turducken
    Sides: Individual potato & onion tartes tartin
               Green beans & broccoli sauteed in garlic, olive oil & crushed  red pepper
               Braised winter squash
               Pumpkin dinner rolls
    Dessert: Applesauce-steamed gingerbread with vanilla whipped cream

    Good Lord, got lots more menus in my head! I wish I knew the # of people, budget and available time/help and I probably could have targeted a menu better for you.

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