Is 2010 going to be my year?

  1. Secrets72 profile image53
    Secrets72posted 8 years ago

    Is 2010 going to be my year?

    What do you think, read my hubs check the websites that I have done and tell me what you think, do you think that I will succeed in 2010, oh i hope I hear the right answers...

  2. THE COMPLAINER profile image60
    THE COMPLAINERposted 8 years ago

    2010 can be your year!! Make a list of what you did wrong last year, and then think about how you can do it different this year, or maybe you didn't need to do it at all. Of course you know you can't change people, so get negative people out of your life. If that's not possible then just change yourself & how you react to their negativity. Don't like your job, search for a new one, but don't quit your old one yet. Go to school if not for a 4 year degree, attend a certificate program of some sort. Feeling sluggish, eat better, join a gym, or yoga class, maybe a step class,etc..... Join a group for a particular hobby you like, join a book club, or start your own. Start a vacation account & take one. Last but certainly not least, attend church on Sunday, nothing like  God's spiritual guidance to help you bring it all together & give you the fuel to deal with this crazy thing called life. 2010 can be your year if you take some positive steps to make it happen!!!