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Help! Gifts for my little nephew?

  1. PierrePierre profile image60
    PierrePierreposted 7 years ago

    Help! Gifts for my little nephew?

    I have a cute little nephew, two years old. And his birthday is next month. I want to buy something unique. Could you give some advice?

  2. SmartAndFun profile image97
    SmartAndFunposted 7 years ago

    Growafrog.com sells little tadpole kits that come with a tadpole and a habitat. It is amazing to watch the tadpole grow into a pet frog! I'm sure he would love it, but his mom might not, LOL.

  3. pankaj mahajan profile image58
    pankaj mahajanposted 7 years ago

    hi i think u have to select the very unique thing to give him ....
    most child's parents might prefer the gift to be educational, and you can find that and still make it a fun gift for the child. Clothes also make a wonderful gift for a young child.You'll have a lot of options to choose , so consider carefully before you buy.u have to buy a toy car .he ll very very happy to see it

  4. manjubose5 profile image72
    manjubose5posted 7 years ago

    A two years baby will like musical or learning toys first. If you want to give something unique, you can choose utility item like baby bedding set or baby high chair.

    Though it is too late for his last birthday, you can try for any other occasion. Here are some links for you