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Whats your "Must To Do of 2012"?

  1. Zainnisar profile image40
    Zainnisarposted 6 years ago

    Whats your "Must To Do of 2012"?

    Every new year EVE brings you a chance of assessing your last year and making resolution for future. By sharing with whole world you will be strengthening your resolution and chances of getting there by the next Christmas.
    My Must To Do of 2012 is to go to Seychelles. OOH it's truly a wonderland.


  2. lobobrandon profile image89
    lobobrandonposted 6 years ago

    Lovely smile My must do is write a few more hubs big_smile
    And watch plenty of movies

  3. MPG Narratives profile image61
    MPG Narrativesposted 6 years ago

    Travel more and Seychelles looks like a good place to start!

  4. athena2011 profile image58
    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    I want to get more involved in the Hub community.

    I've always wanted to visit the Seychelles, they look so beautiful so could you take me along with you? Just kidding. Hope you get to go and have a great time. If so, do a hub about it with lots of pictures okay?

  5. starstream profile image79
    starstreamposted 6 years ago

    For sure I want to take more walks.  This beach would be a good start!  Where is it?

  6. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    1. Get a new job.
    2. Buy David a new tv.
    3. Transfer to another college.
    4. Go on a cruise.
    5. Re-decorate my house.
    6. Get a new pet.

  7. Zainnisar profile image40
    Zainnisarposted 6 years ago

    1-Thanks lobobrandon and MPG Narratives for sharing your thoughts. Traveling is a good resolution indeed.
    2- Starstream its Seychelles and its somewhere near Madagascar. 
    3- Athena, You are more than welcome and hub on Seychelles will be dedicated to you so, Stay Tuned.
    4- lburmaster Long List, Good Luck.