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What does The New Year mean to you?

  1. Rastamermaid profile image72
    Rastamermaidposted 6 years ago

    What does The New Year mean to you?

    Is it a time for reflection,re-organization,re-evaluation or just another day?


  2. PrairieRain profile image58
    PrairieRainposted 6 years ago

    New Year's means a new beginning. Time to shake off the cobwebs and start anew. And it means that I'm another year older!

  3. Danette Watt profile image85
    Danette Wattposted 6 years ago

    New year's is a time of reflection of my life and the past year followed by an evaluation of what can or should be changed. The new year is a second chance to create the life I want and to take opportunities missed.

  4. meganlsmith3 profile image80
    meganlsmith3posted 6 years ago

    The New Year is a time for reflection.  It brings a sense of accomplishment as we realize what we have made it through during the passing year.  It is also a good time for me to evaluate some things I need to work on for the coming year. It is a fresh start.

  5. learner365 profile image77
    learner365posted 6 years ago

    It is another New Year of good hopes ,a time for re-evaluation to begin a new and look forward to what lies best for me ahead !!!

  6. indianTechnocracy profile image35
    indianTechnocracyposted 6 years ago

    New year gives  a new enthusiastic hope that I can do better than last year,this year gives an inspiration to me to grow my performance.

    And have a mind blowing new year to all hubbers.

  7. Sky9106 profile image74
    Sky9106posted 6 years ago

    In the end it all boils down to each individual and his/her belief. There are people in this world that are just waiting fort that next new direction to show its head and they are gone. we see this and sometimes wonder, where in God's name did this come from. In little or no time it's takes root and no one can stop it.
    There are some that spend most of their lives weaving through all those labyrinth and mazes just trying to make sure that they are on the correct path.
    And in all truth, there is one.
    Though I believe in the theory of : to each his own,. I do simply because of the lack of any God given direct path of followers. They may be , but not for me, so I will take my chances with me and my belief. That is simply the way of the world, I don't see the need to defend a religion or group, and it's not mine to change.
    So with those in mind I look at the New Years and all other days and holidays as no offence to me so I am down . But to use them as target, no . I do that with every day . Here is a scenario. Are they more holidays coming? Sure ! Am I going to be part of them ? Don't have a choice, and truly don't mind, unless they have changed their minds and now wants to tell me  that I must.
    So for the new Year s holidays and all the other holidays, if the falls on the day I conduct my own understood individual human way, I welcome them.

    Meant to share sincerely. Happy new year to you also with the best of health and God's true blessings.

  8. Tanya Sharma 7 profile image58
    Tanya Sharma 7posted 6 years ago

    New year always brings some new hope for the standstill dreams, new aspirations and joy. I feel that new year gives us a chance in our life to start over, flip a new page, forget the past & script a beautiful dream...
    Wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

  9. Denise Handlon profile image89
    Denise Handlonposted 6 years ago

    Like many who have answered this, it is a time for reflection-first of the year that has ended and second for the year to come.  I like to take time alone, process some of the highs and lows of the past year; with this information I can decide what direction I wish to move toward in the present year.