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If you see someone selling a gift you gave them, is it acceptable to ask them to

  1. I Am Rosa profile image89
    I Am Rosaposted 6 years ago

    If you see someone selling a gift you gave them, is it acceptable to ask them to give it back?

  2. Marturion profile image61
    Marturionposted 6 years ago

    I would say it is acceptable, but unwise.  If they are someone you consider a good friend, it might cause irreparable damage to the relationship, whereas simply confronting them and expressing that it hurts you would go further to preventing such situations in the future.

  3. roxanne459 profile image88
    roxanne459posted 6 years ago

    Unfortunately no. If you give someone something, it's theirs now. It obviously doesn't feel good to know that they are willing to sell it but, you can't ask for it back. I would probably think twice before giving them another gift though. Maybe just a gift card next time so they can pick out their own gift. wink

  4. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    Once you give something, it is gone, no longer your property.  The recipient is free to dispose of the thing or use it in any way he likes.

  5. midwest1 profile image61
    midwest1posted 6 years ago

    I would not ask for the gift back as it was given to someone and is now their property.  However, that would be very tacky and I might say something..... ha!

  6. KristaJevons profile image60
    KristaJevonsposted 6 years ago

    If you want it back it was never really a gift in the first place, was it?

  7. profile image55
    taylordwrightposted 6 years ago

    Only if it was very expensive other wise forget about it they probably really needed the money or didnt care to much about the gift.

  8. davidseeger profile image61
    davidseegerposted 6 years ago

    No. A giften given can not be asked to be rturned. It ma;y be the the giftee needs the money more than the gift.

  9. Hubpage Gal profile image60
    Hubpage Galposted 6 years ago

    It is my opinion that someone selling a gift means that he or she got ownership of the gift.  That means even if the gift was given by you, you can not legally ask them to give it back. You can buy the gift back because it would have become personal property of the owner as a gift.  The transaction would be awkward with animosity so most people would not elect to ask someone to give the gift back.

  10. lone77star profile image84
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    Any gift should be given in the spirit of generosity, severing all ties of ownership. Otherwise, it wasn't really a gift, was it?

    If another person is selling a gift, either they didn't really like the gift (even though they may love the sentiment with which it was given), or they're hard up for cash, or both. Show some understanding. And lose your "attachment" for something which is no longer yours.

    There are entirely too many attachments in today's materialistic world.